‘All My Children’ Star Removed From Airplane: Tells Attendant ‘Go F*** Yourself’

Hands off! Soap opera star Jennifer Bassey was booted off an airplane after an ugly confrontation with a flight attendant according to a new report. The 72-year-old actress is used to the drama on 'All My Children', but not while she's trying to take a plane flight. TV star Jennifer Bassey, 72, was removed from a plane and accused of assault on a Delta flight from New York City to Indianapolis on June 3rd according to a new report. The soap star has thrown plenty of tantrums before, but those were always scripted for her show All My Children on which she plays the duplicitous Maria Colby Chandler. Read on for all of the dirty details of her real life fight.

Jennifer Bassey Kicked Off Airplane
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The entire incident began with a pre-flight trip to the bathroom by the star. After walking out of the lavatory a flight attendant is alleged to have loudly asked her “Are you going to flush?” before berating Jennifer for not washing her hands, according to TMZ. How rude! The confrontation escalated from there with the stewardess then following the All My Children star back to her seat where she accused the actress of bumping hands with her. The attendant then yelled “Don’t touch me, don’t you ever touch me,” and Jennifer responded by mouthing, “Go F**k yourself.”  It was a this point that the flight attendants decided to have Jennifer tossed from the plane. Police were called and escorted her off. The attendant accused Jennifer of assault, but finding no evidence to back up her claims, she was allowed to go on her way without being detained. As if air travel weren’t stressful enough!

Alec Baldwin Also Kicked Off Plane

Celebrity air rage is hardly a new phenomenon. Alec Baldwin, 57, was famously thrown off of an American Airlines flight after allegedly refusing to turn off what must have been an engrossing game of Words With Friends. “Alec was already upset in American Airlines Admiral’s Lounge because the flight was delayed for a half an hour”, a source tells HollywoodLife.com.” He was angry when he boarded the plane. He started yelling at the flight attendant and wanted her name. After the plane had pulled away, he got out of his seat and went to the kitchen and was giving the attendant a hard time. Then he went into the bathroom and started slamming the door really loudly. They turned the plane around and he was escorted off,” relates the eyewitness. When will celebrities learn?

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— Alex Cramer

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