Caitlyn Jenner: I Was ‘Mistreated’ In Marriage To ‘Less Tolerant’ Kris Jenner

These are some heavy accusations. In the newest issue of 'Vanity Fair,' Caitlyn Jenner says she was 'mistreated' by a 'controlling' Kris Jenner during their marriage, while the Kardashian matriarch tells the magazine that Caitlyn was 'passive-aggressive.' Find out all the details. Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair cover will forever be an inspiration to not only the LGBT community, but everyone alike. Yet inside the issue, there were some fighting words for and from Kris Jenner. Caitlyn, who was formerly known as Bruce, told the magazine that Kris "mistreated" her and was "controlling" throughout their 23-year marriage -- she even said Kris "wasn't very nice." Kris, on the other hand, feels that gender issues ultimately ended their union.

Caitlyn Jenner Disses Kris Jenner
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“The first 15 years I felt [Kris] needed me more because I was the breadwinner. Then, really around [the time of KUWTK], when that hit and she was running the whole show and getting credit for it and she had her own money, she didn’t need me as much from that standpoint…,” Caitlyn told Vanity Fair before adding, “I think in a lot of ways she became less tolerant of me. A lot of times she wasn’t very nice. People would see how I got mistreated. She controlled the money, all that kind of stuff.”

That’s terrible. We certainly feel bad for Caitlyn. But, of course, there are always two sides to every story, and Kris has her own opinion on why things went awry.

“He was married to me and he wasn’t who he wanted to be so he was miserable…,” she told Vanity Fair. “All I was doing was working very hard for my family so that we could all have a wonderful future, and he was pissed off. At the end of my relationship with Bruce, he definitely had a lot of social anxiety… That was one of the reasons we were in a struggle at the end.”

Kris also told the magazine the way Caitlyn approached their divorce felt like “the most passive-aggressive thing I think I’ve ever experienced.”

While Kris believes their marriage ended because of Caitlyn’s gender identity issues, Caitlyn believes “twenty percent was gender and 80 percent was the way I was treated.” What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Whose side are you on? Vote in our poll and tell us how you feel!

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