Caitlyn Jenner: Has She Had Full Genital Gender Transition? The Truth

Caitlyn Jenner has made her debut, and while she definitely looks quite different from Bruce Jenner, many are still quite confused about what she's had done to achieve the new look. Has she had a full-on, genital transition surgery yet?! breaks it down here!  

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Bruce Jenner Surgery
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Image Credit: Courtesy of Annie Leibovitz Exclusively for Vanity Fair

Even with Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover out there, fans still have a lot of questions about the changes Bruce Jenner made to complete the transition. Specifically, many are wondering whether or not the Olympian had any surgery on her genitalia. Get the full scoop here, straight from Caitlyn’s incredible Vanity Fair piece!

Let’s eliminate any confusion from the beginning: Caitlyn has not had any genital surgery (yet). However, on March 15, she did head to a surgical center in Beverly Hills to take the final steps in her transformation — facial-feminization surgery, as well as a procedure to augment her breasts. This surgery comes after previous work done on her nose, as well as the infamous tracheal shave in January 2014.

The facial procedure involves changes to the hairline, forehead, jaw and chin, according to Vanity Fair. The day’s surgeries took a total of 10 hours, and left Caitlyn in such pain, that she had “no choice but to be on large amounts of medication.” She’s certainly looking to have recovered by now, though!

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Caitlyn has yet to confirm whether or not she’ll actually go through with the full genital transition, but the article points out that this operation isn’t required for one to be a transgender man or woman. In fact, only about a quarter of transgender woman have had this surgery done! Plus, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s “Standards Of Care” advises that genital surgery not be done until at least a year after transition, Vanity Fair reports. Caitlyn still has some time!

As if the Vanity Fair cover wasn’t amazing enough in itself, the mag also released a behind-the-scenes video from Caitlyn’s shoot, which shows her in various gorgeous gowns, posing for photographs. “Bruce always had to tell a lie,” she says. “He was living that lie every day — he and a secret from morning til night. Caitlyn doesn’t have any secrets. As soon as the Vanity Fair cover comes out, I’m free.”

Caitlyn appears to be incredibly happy in the video, as she gets glammed up with fabulous hair and makeup for the iconic shoot. This is such a huge moment, not only for Caitlyn, but for the entire transgender community, and it’s so amazing that she’s sharing it with the world!

HollywoodLifers, tell us — do you think Caitlyn will go through with the full genital surgery when doctors give her the OK?