‘Baby Daddy’ Preview: Lindsey Gort Catches Danny Naked — Watch

Hot damn, we are in for a treat! In an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the summer premiere of 'Baby Daddy,' we're getting a glimpse of an amazing guest star, plus we're seeing a whole lotta Danny-- and we doubt anyone's complaining! The fourth season of Baby Daddy will resume on ABC Family on June 3, and we could not be more excited. Along with getting to see Danny (Derek Theler) in just a towel, the episode will also feature special guest star Lindsey Gort-- who catches Danny at what might not be the most opportune moment! Watch an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek from the new episode right now!

“I should get some pants,” Danny says when he walks out of the shower and sees indsayindsey’s character standing there. Eh, not sure we agree with that Danny. And judging by Lindsey’s response, it’s safe to say she doesn’t either.

She references a very specific play of Danny’s, and he tells her nobody saw it. “I did,” she says. “I see everything you do.” We see what you’re doing there, Lindsey!

Elsewhere in the episode, things seem like they’ll be just as ridiculous! In “Home Is Where The Wheeler Is,” Riley (Chelsea Kane) can’t face the mess she has made out of her relationships with Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) and Danny, so she runs home to her mom’s house in Jersey to hide from her problems, according to an official episode description. Once Ben realizes where Riley has gone, he stages a “friendervention” to get her to come home, but will Riley and Danny be able to move past their hurt feelings and go back to the way things were? Bonnie is thrilled when their next door neighbor, Evelyn, dies and plots to get the apartment listing. Once she discovers that Evelyn’s granddaughter Ashley (Lindsey) is a big Danny Wheeler fan and knows all his hockey stats, Bonnie (Melissa Peterman) tries to trade her son for the listing, despite the fact that Danny is still dating Robyn (Christa B. Allen).

Tune into Baby Daddy on June 3rd at 8:30pm on ABC Family! Are you excited for the new season?

— Casey Mink

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