Kylie Jenner Competing With Kim Kardashian Again — Copying Elizabeth Taylor

Major copycat alert! Kylie is seemingly competing with her big sis yet again, this time by channeling Kim's ultimate style icon Elizabeth Taylor in a new pic, donning her classic fur coat look! Wait, who's who again? Kylie Jenner, 17, looked almost identical to Kim Kardashian, 34, in an Instagram pic from May 27, where she poses nearly topless in a white fur coat -- just like Kim previously did! Kylizzle's latest fashion statement is more than just a coincidence -- she seems to have completely stolen Kim's love of Elizabeth Taylor's iconic style!

Kylie Jenner Copying Kim Kardashian
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Kylie Jenner Channels Elizabeth Taylor — Copying Kim Kardashian Again

Kylie is on a mission to become the next Kim, and she’s doing one heck of a job! The KUWTK teen posed in an elegant fur coat, covering her breasts with her hand. So sexy! Kim previously posed in a white fur coat for Playboy in 2012, showing off her cleavage, in an Elizabeth-inspired photoshoot. Everything from Kylie’s hair, makeup and style looked just like Kim in her new pic.

Anyone who keeps up with the Kardashian’s knows that Kim loves her fur, and she’s even revealed before that she looks up to Liz for beauty and style inspiration. Kim once met Liz Taylor and told her, “You are my idol. But I’m six husbands and some big jewels behind,” according to Harper’s Bazaar.

Kim’s also channeled Liz before on multiple occasions, both in photo shoots and in selfies. Now that Kylie has been copying Kim on seemingly everything lately, from her clothes, to her face to sexy selfies, we’re not all too surprised Kylie is channeling Kim’s number one style icon, too!

Kylie Jenner Competing With Kim Kardashian: She Wants To Be Bigger Than Her

Kylie doesn’t want to be Kim though — she wants to be bigger than Kim. That includes having her own reality TV show one day. While Kylie has been throwing tantrums and has even considered quitting KUWTK, Kylie knows that she needs the show to outdo Kim!

“Kylie gets in a bad mood and throws tantrums and talks about quitting, but she’s way too addicted to the attention to walk away from [KUWTK],” an insider told EXCLUSIVELY. “She wants to build a career that’s even bigger than Kim’s and she knows she needs the show to do that.” Watch out Kim!

HollywoodLifers, tell us — who do you think channeled Elizabeth Taylor better, Kylie or Kim? Sound off below!

— Julianne Ishler

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