NSYNC In ‘Star Wars’? New Report Claims They Could Have Ended Up In Film

In a galaxy far, far away, NSYNC was supposed to have appeared in a 'Star Wars' film-- seriously! We've got all the details of the crazy revelation! Back in 2001, everyone was aflutter with anticipation over a new Star Wars film (not too different from today, actually). In December of that year, rumors began to circulate that boyband sensation NSYNC would actually be making a cameo appearance in the upcoming Star Wars installment, Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Thanks to a tell-all interview with Joey and Steven Fatone, we've now got all the details of how far the appearance actually went, and why it never made it into the movie's final cut. Check out the wild info!

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NSYNC In ‘Star Wars’?

It ain’t no lie: NSYNC nearly appeared in Star Wars.

Joey Fatone, who was a member of NSYNC, and his brother Steven, recently revealed the plans for the band to appear in the movie, as well as how far the plans actually went. Believe it or not, the band actually filmed scenes!

“We all had the Jedi garb, the brown and tan robes,” Steven told the Huffington Post. “They kind of paired us off, it was actually me and my brother that were kind of fighting back-to-back for the big arena scene,” Joey added. “They basically said, ‘Pretend like you’re fighting droids.'”

The NSYNC Footage

The group on set, which included Joey and Patrick, as well as JC Chasez and Chris Kirkpatrickfilmed a total of two scenes. Not on set were Lance Bass and Justin Timberlakewho were apparently both too exhausted for the shoot.

When their scenes were ultimately cut, Joey was disappointed and half jokingly asked creator George Lucas what happened. “‘I don’t want to get into it, but what the f–k?'” Joey recalled saying. However, thanks to a previous interview Joey did with Huffington Post, which detailed his work in the film, it seems that the band may have actually made it into the film after all.

According to Joey, his scenes involved fighting droids in the background of the Geonosis battle while wielding a Blue lightsaber. While it’s certainly not concrete evidence, check out a gif from the scene below, and feel free to make your own judgments!


What do you think? Is that ‘NSYNC in Star Wars?

— Casey Mink

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