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‘Scandal’ Recap: [SPOILER] Is Foxtail & It Changes Everything

The penultimate episode of 'Scandal' season 4 was downright crazy. A major component of Operation Foxtail was revealed, and Rowan saved one of his biggest shockers for the May 7 episode. It's down to the final two episodes of the season for Scandal, and the tension is rising. The season 4 finale is going to be crazy just like every other year, and the May 7 episode set it up quite nicely. Mellie (Bellamy Young) made her final bid for senate, Huckleberry Quinn (Guillermo Diaz & Katie Lowes) interrogated the mess out of Russell (Brian White), Jake (Scott Foley) and Russell actually bonded and details about Operation Foxtail were revealed!

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‘Scandal’ Recap: Ripping Russell To Shreds

Before the episode even started, Scandal warned me: ADULT CONTENT. What does this mean? A brutal interrogation scene or a sex scene? I hope for both!

Jake was still alive — thank goodness. He was recovering in Olivia’s bed. (Does Olivia not have a guest room?) Despite the fact that Rowan wanted him dead, Olivia left Jake pretty much helpless in her apartment. 

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Well, Quinn and Huck weren’t far. They were across the hall with Russell. Huckleberry Quinn were at their craziest tonight. Quinn ripped out Russell’s fingernail! He had to tell them about Foxtail now, or suffer the consequences. Olivia walked in and warned Russell: “What these two are going to do to you is going to be much worse than death.” She was right about that. Later, Quinn put a SCREWDRIVER in Russell’s knee. They finally got a call from Rowan, but he realized what was up before they could track him down.

Meanwhile, Susan Ross was being Susan Ross aboard a Navy ship. She noticed the wrist of a servicewoman and knew she’d been raped. She wanted the case brought to court. Fitz and Cyrus were not happy Susan was interfering in the military judicial system, so Susan went to Olivia.

‘Scandal’ Recap: ‘I Am In Love With You’

Olivia was right on the case. She went to Amy and offered to help, even though there was no evidence or witnesses. Olivia didn’t need much. Just the who, where and what happened. The guy was Admiral Hawley, and he was really tight with Fitz. Olivia went to Abby, but all Red wanted to know was if Olivia had gotten back together with Jake. Abby was of no help, so Olivia did a press conference to stir up White House trouble.

Now the White House had to say something. Mellie, who was dealing with her election problems with Elizabeth, stormed into the Oval to demand that Fitz intervene. Fitz’s hands were tied. Mellie was shocked considering what had happened to her with Big Jerry. Oh, Fitz. You hit a new low.

The lawyer the Navy had given to Olivia and the team wasn’t exactly the best, but he was the guy from  A Cinderella Story and Easy A. He’d never tried a rape case before. That was definitely evident during his first interrogation with the Admiral. Bless. Fortunately, Abby came to help. Olivia got a call and headed to the Navy ship. Amy needed an abortion.

Meanwhile, Russell was putting up a fight. He wasn’t giving clues about Foxtail. He nearly killed himself with a cyanide tooth! This guy is serious. Jake knew exactly what kind of guy Russell was. Because he was just like him.

Like Jake, Russell had studied Olivia for months and knew her every move — all because Rowan told him to. “The only difference between me and Russell is that I am in love with you,” Jake said. (!!!!!!) Rowan built a better Jake with Russell. Nope. Not possible.

‘Scandal’ Recap: A Bromance Is Brewing

Jake paid a special visit to Russell — who was still alive. He untied one of Russell’s hands to let him drink a beer. I have a bad feeling about this. Jake just wanted to chat with one of Rowan’s others, even though Russell had tried to kill him.

Russell admitted that Rowan talked like he missed Jake. Baby Eyes Ballard revealed that Rowan was the “closest thing to a father I ever had.” Cue the best instance of a possible bromance. Jake and Russell started mimicking Rowan, and it was priceless. However, Jake was bearer of bad news. He told Russell that he shouldn’t feel bad about getting caught because it was all a part of Rowan’s plan. Rowan wanted Olivia to know she’s never safe. That’s how she’d know he’d always have the upper hand.

Jesus, I get a headache every time I think of how much time Rowan puts into making Olivia’s life miserable.

‘Scandal’ Recap: [SPOILER] Is Foxtail

After hitting a wall with Amy’s rape case, Olivia called Fitz. She wanted him to allow her access to classified documents that would reveal where Admiral was the night Amy was raped. There was that Olitz silence, and Olivia’s request was granted. The Admiral’s alibi almost worked, but not quite. He had raped Amy, and his right hand man had helped.

(SIDENOTE: This was the ONLY Olitz scene we got tonight. I’m not asking for much, but I need some good Olitz scenes. I feel like they were never even a couple on the show. It’s like their relationship was put on brakes, and I don’t like it one bit. If there’s not a quality Olitz scene in the finale, I’m going to be veryvery disappointed. Yeah, I totally mean heartbreaking glances, the look of love in their eyes as they long to be together or maybe even a steamy kiss.)

In her final swing for senate, Mellie had to make a speech in the last place she wanted to — Springfield. That’s where Jerry had died. Mellie was worried that she couldn’t handle such a day. Fitz gave her some inspiration courtesy of Olivia. During the speech, Mellie should leave talk about Jerry at the door and throw Fitz under the bus.

Mellie did just that. And, boy, was she a hit. Mellie for President, please!

As Olivia and Quinn wrapped up the case, Quinn noticed something. The lawyer, Virgil, wasn’t the real Virgil. Good golly, we were tricked! Virgil was B613! He poisoned Huck and helped Russell escape.

After Mellie’s amazing speech, Elizabeth wanted her to meet with a big donor. As Mellie walked through the door, security said, “Foxtail is secured.”


In the final moments, Mellie was introduced to none other than ROWAN POPE! Mellie is Foxtail, and I’m really, really scared for my North Carolina queen. I have a feeling Rowan is going to make Fitz choose between Mellie and Olivia, and I’m going to need meds after next week’s finale.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s Scandal?

— Avery Thompson