Miley Cyrus Fears Her New Armpit & Pubic Hair Pics Will Freak Liam Hemsworth Out

Sometimes 'she's just bein' Miley' isn't the most valid excuse. It definitely won't work for Miley's ex, Liam Hemsworth! Miley, who's well aware that Liam disapproves of her wild antics, is worried about what he will think of her pink armpit hair and pubic hair pics. While Miley Cyrus, 22, was excited to show off her newly-dyed armpit hair -- and patch of pubic strands -- to her 18.5 million followers, she did have second thoughts right before posting the pic. Why? A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Miley thought twice about what her ex, Liam Hemsworth, 25, would think. Regretful much?

Miley Cyrus Racy Instagram Pic
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Miley Cyrus Racy Instagram Pic: Worried Of Liam Hemsworth Reaction To Pubic Hair

It must be tough being Miley. On one hand, you really want to post the photo of your hot new pink armpit hair, along with your untamed pubic region. On the other hand, you don’t want to gross out your super-sexy ex-boyfriend Liam, who you might have a thing for again. Ugh. Decisions, decisions.

As we all know, Miley ended up posting the pic. But it wasn’t an easy choice for the “Wrecking Ball” singer.

“The whole time Miley was dying it, she kept mentioning how she knew Liam would hate that she’s coloring her armpit hair. She was sort of laughing and half-joking when she mentioned it,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Liam doesn’t like her armpit hair at all, actually. He thinks it’s gross. Because she still really cares about what Liam thinks, she did seem a little worried. But they aren’t together right now, so I guess she just brushed those feelings aside.”

So Miley took a deep breath and she hit the “share” button. Check out the pic!

But wait — it might not be the tinted armpit hair that bothers Liam the most. Yep, the flash of Miley’s unmentionables is a little worse.

“Miley doing this and then showing off her pubic hair for her millions of followers? That will surely rub Liam the wrong way. It definitely won’t help them get back together if that’s what Miley is hoping for,” the source explains. “He must be disgusted. He was never a fan of Miley’s strange behavior.”

Miley Cyrus: Racy Pubic Hair & Pink Armpit Hair Ploy To Turn On Patrick?

Okay, even though Liam isn’t a fan of pink armpit hair, or even Miley showing off her downstairs-hair on social media — some guys actually are into that sort of thing. Yes, we’re talking about you Patrick Schwarzenegger! Miley knew the pic would definitely be a hit with her most recent ex.

“Patrick has always loved Miley’s craziness and was kind of turned on by her wild antics,” our insider says. “Dying her armpit hair pink and even showing her pubic hair is a message to Patrick, like, ‘See what you’re missing!’ She’s expecting some sort of reaction from him.”

See, it’s true what they say: you can’t please everyone. At least Miley might have a fan in Patrick, if not Liam.

HollywoodLifers — tell us what YOU think! How do you feel about Liam being turned off by Miley’s armpit hair/pubic hair combo pic?

— Evan Real

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