Ryan Cabrera: How He’s Stayed Friends With Every Famous Ex He’s Ever Had

Pop singer Ryan Cabrera has had his fair share of famous girlfriends, including Ashlee Simpson and Audrina Patridge. In the new HollywoodLife podcast, he shares that he's still friends with ALL of his exes. Click here to download the podcast and listen for free! Ryan Cabrera, 32, was more than willing to dish on his past relationships when he visited the HollywoodLife.com podcast studio. Of course, he also told us all about his inspiration for writing music and what it's like to tour nonstop. Read on to see exactly what the "On the Way Down" singer has been up to!

Ryan Cabrera Famous Ex Girlfriends
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Ryan Cabrera’s Famous Ex Girlfriends: Reveals He’s Friends With Ashlee Simpson On Podcast

Though Ryan has had a rocky relationship past, he always emerges from his experiences with a positive outlook.

“I’m friends with pretty much every ex I’ve had,” Ryan told HollywoodLife.com in the new podcast. “I don’t hold any negative tone towards anybody really. I don’t want that inside me. I don’t see why there is any reason you can’t still be friends.”

We love hearing that!

Ryan has dated more than one famous face, including singer Ashlee Simpson and reality television darling Audrina Patridge. On that note, Ryan also told us all about his beef with reality TV.  “Reality has become something completely different…There was no storyline or plots,” Ryan reminisced. “With Audrina [Patridge on The Hills] it was storylines; you do this, you do that. TV needed the drama part so they created it. That’s not for me. I wasn’t trying to act on some show with my girlfriend. I would never do a staged show. They had me talking with people I didn’t even know.”

Totally feel you, Ryan — how many times have we seen a reality TV episode that’s so stilted the characters are almost reading from teleprompters?

Ryan Cabrera — He’ll Never Lie To A Girlfriend Ever Again

It’s great that Ryan is friends with his exes, but it hasn’t always been smooth-sailing for him. He admitted to us that he used to cheat when he was younger. “In my early 20s, I didn’t understand what lying was about. I was just like, ‘oh, I can get away with this’. Then, at some point you understand, ‘I don’t want to lie ever again’.”

We’re glad that he realized it at some point! Indeed, Ryan vowed, “I wouldn’t be in a relationship if I was ever going to cheat anymore.”

To hear more about Ryan’s relationships with people in the biz and what sort of girl he’d love to marry, check out the HollywoodLife podcast by downloading it from iTunes!

— Gabriella Ginsberg

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