‘The Walking Dead’s Emily Kinney: She Stopped Watching After Being Killed Off

Can you blame her? Emily Kinney revealed EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife.com that she stopped watching 'The Walking Dead' as soon as her beloved character, Beth, was tragically killed. Now, find out why! Emily Kinney, 29, may be on The Flash now, but fans know her best as the sweet and kind-hearted Beth Greene from The Walking Dead. When her character met an untimely death during the show's mid-season 5 finale, so did her DVR subscription to the show. Bummer!

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Emily Kinney Stopped Watching 'The Walking Dead'
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Emily Kinney Stopped Watching ‘The Walking Dead’

If you were on a hit television show that shocked fans and cast members a like by killing you off, would you keep watching? Hm, probably not. So, you can’t blame Emily for cutting The Walking Dead out of her life once she was done filming.

“I stopped watching,” Emily told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY at the 2015 Shorty Awards on April 20 in New York City. “I didn’t see my death, because I had my own experience, and I didn’t want to change what my experience of it was because it was so special to me.”

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But, she couldn’t completely escape her connection to the show so easily. In fact, Emily revealed that even though she didn’t watch her mid-season finale death or the return episodes, she did watch the season five finale.

“I found out Melissa [McBride] and Norman [Reedus] were going to be on ‘The Talking Dead,’ and I really wanted to see the final episode, because there’s something so celebratory about it,” the actress explained. “So even though I wasn’t completely caught up, I did watch the finale.”

Aw, it’s sweet that she wanted to see how the season ended — and whether or not her closest friends also bit the dust. (Spoiler alert: they didn’t!)

Emily Was Touched By Fans Outpouring After Beth Died

As some diehard TWD fans might remember, fans were downright outraged after Beth was taken from them. In fact, many fans put together a petition demanding that the show bring her back for good — an unlikely request considering she was shot point-blank in the head.

But, even without the petition succeeding, Emily told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that she found their support absolutely incredible.

“For me it was very moving, it was satisfying in a certain way. I was sad that everyone felt so sad but I also felt sort of satisfied, like the people in the end ended up feeling really connected to that, and they were going to miss her,” Emily explained. “If you’ve given 3 to 4 years of your life to a show, it’s nice to feel like oh, I’m leaving, and people feel connected to this thing you made, or helped make. So I just feel really thankful.”

However, Emily hopes that the fans who connected with her on TWD will follow her career — and maybe even watch her on The Flash. “It’s sad that Beth’s not back, but maybe they’ll check out new projects,” she said.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Are you still bummed about Beth’s death? Do you watch Emily on The Flash now? Comment below with your thoughts!

— Lauren Cox, with reporting by Gabriella Ginsberg

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