‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Cruella Is Truly Evil & Emma Kills [SPOILER]

No one saw this Cruella twist coming. The villain proved to have no redeeming qualities on the April 19 episode. Plus, Emma killed someone in a shocking face-off! Who else needs a minute to breathe after that insane Once Upon A Time episode? On the April 19 show, the Author (Patrick Fischler) and Cruella's (Victoria Smurfit) past was revealed, Rumple's master plan (Robert Carlyle) took an interesting turn and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) killed a popular character in the episode's final moments!

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Once Upon A Time Emma Kills Cruella
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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Black Hearts

There were dalmatians running around, which could only mean one thing — Cruella was near. But wait, this was young Cruella, and she was the farthest thing from evil. It was her mother who was the worst, and she had the dogs.

Well, this changes things. In the present day, Maleficent confronted Cruella on what she knew about Lily. Cruella taunted Maleficent, causing her to morph into a dragon. Cruella had no time for this business. She used her powers and made Maleficent take a nap. I wish I could use this power — on myself.  She was going to get her happy ending today by any means necessary.

Regina met up with the gang to tell them about Robin Hood and Zelena. Regina was dead set on heading to the Big Apple to save Robin, but there was just one problem — Rumple. She knew exactly how to handle the Dark One. Meanwhile, Rumple and the Author — whose name was Isaac — had made it back to his secret cabin. Rumple still had the quill, so he basically controlled the Author’s every move. His main mission was to turn Emma dark. However, the second Belle summoned him, Rumple bolted.

During his brief meeting with Belle, Rumple explained why he wanted the Author to rewrite his story. His heart was wasting away to only black. Once his heart was completely black, he would lose any and all ability to love. The Author was only person who could change this. Surprisingly, Belle didn’t care about Rumple’s confession. She called him “pathetic.” Oh, snap. It was Regina controlling Belle! All Regina had to do was give Belle’s heart a squeeze and she’d be gone. Regina threatened that if Rumple told Zelena of her plan, she’d kill Belle.

Lana Parilla is so damn fierce. It’s amazing.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: A Traveler Of Realms

Cruella discovered the Author at the cabin and demanded that he give back what he took from her. She tried to persuade him with her flirtatious ways, but he wasn’t falling for it. She vowed to make him pay for what he had made her.

Back in the day, Cruella was a fully grown teenager and still stuck in her attic. The Author showed up, moonlighting as a newspaper writer, and wanted to know if her mother would make an interesting tale. When the Author started questioning why all of her husbands were dead, she threw him out. As he left, Cruella yelled to him from her window. Playing the ultimate damsel in distress, the Author whisked her away.

Cruella explained that her mother had poisoned her father and didn’t want her secret getting out. That’s why she was locked away. The Author took this moment to reveal who he truly was. He traveled across realms of storytelling. Time wasn’t a factor. He could change people’s stories with just his quill and ink. Cruella was shocked at this revelation and went for the ink. The Author warned that there was no telling what would happen if the ink spilled.

In order to protect her from her mother, the Author gave Cruella magic. She now had the ability to control the actions of any and all animals she desired. The Author was ready to start a life with Cruella. She wanted to, but she had to face her mother first.

Cruella’s mother showed up at the hotel with a secret that would change everything. Cruella had actually killed her father and her mother’s two other husbands. There was no fixing her. Cruella had done a number on the Author and stolen his quill, too!

When Cruella’s mother returned home, her daughter was there waiting — to kill her! The Author discovered Cruella making a coat out of her mother’s dogs. Cruella being truly evil devastated the Author. He spotted his quill and went for it. Their scuffle resulted in Cruella spilling the ink all over herself. With the little ink he had left, the Author changed Cruella’s fate forever.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Bye, Bye, Bye

Before she headed to New York, Emma made sure to give Regina a gun to protect herself. Regina never even got off the road before Henry called saying he’d been kidnapped. Geez, this kid. Cruella threatened that she would kill Henry if Regina and Emma didn’t kill the Author.

Rumple discovered the Author and Cruella’s connection. Cruella wanted him dead, and that was detrimental to Rumple’s plan. However, Rumple was eased of any stressed when the Author showed him a mysterious piece of paper.

As they searched for Henry, Regina called Emma a “petulant child” over pouting about her parents’ big lie. Hook and Regina both wanted Emma to ease up on Snow and Charming. Is it just me or is Emma looking seriously TERRIBLE. The girl looks sick as hell.

Cruella passed her time by playing Angry Birds. Thankfully, this distracted her enough so Henry could get away. Unfortunately, Cruella found him and pointed a gun right at him. Emma showed up and had to make a choice.

Snow and Charming found the Author and wanted answers. He was just trying to protect the world from Cruella. He revealed that he written that Cruella could no longer take away the life of another. Henry was safe. But this was exactly what Rumple wanted. He wanted Emma to kill Cruella, so she would turn to darkness!

When it came time for Emma to make her decision, she irrevocably changed her life forever. She used her powers to push Cruella off the cliff and to her death.

The darkness was Emma’s her eyes now, and I’m really scared.

HollywoodLifers, did you see that Cruella twist coming? Can you believe Emma killed her? Let me know!

— Avery Thompson

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