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Mel B. Interview: Talks Spice Girls 20th Anniversary Reunion Next Year

Woo hoo! It could happen: the irrepressible Mel B. told HollywoodLife in our latest weekly podcast that she and the other Spice Girl members are totally down for a Spice Girls reunion in 2016. Click here to download and listen for free! A Spice Girls reunion -- how amazing would that be? And it could absolutely happen to Mel B., 39, who spilled all in the new HollywoodLife podcast.

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Mel B Spice Girls Reunion
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Mel B. On Spice Girls Reunion: Reveals Possibility Of 2016 Event

“It’s our 20th anniversary next year [2016], and if everything lines up, then we should be doing something,” she reveals.

The former Spice Girl and very current judge on the hit show America’s Got Talent says that happily, the bandmates are all “really good friends” now. “We’ve known each other for 25 years now, which is crazy. We all support each other on what we do individually,” she explains, which is so fantastic to hear.

The Spices are now currently supporting Mel by tweeting about her latest amazing project — launching a groundbreaking animated messaging app called PingTank. The app is integrated into Facebook’s new Messenger platform, which is kind of a huge deal, and it can also be downloaded from the iTunes app store.

PingTank is awesome and the HollywoodLife team was busy using its library of animations, like lipstick kisses and rainbows, to bring their photos to life on Instagram and on Facebook.

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Mel B. has partnered with Jeremy Greene, PingTank’s enthusiastic CEO, in bringing the creative app to life. PingTank is “going to change the way people express themselves every single day,” believes Jeremy. “It can be romantic, silly, aggressive. It’s covering every kind of emotion. That’s how people communicate these days,” adds Mel, whose three daughters are loving using the app.

Mel B.: How She Balances Her Hectic Career And Large Family

Now Mel, who has also been a coach/mentor on The Voice Kids Australia, a judge on the British version of The X-Factor, a judge on Australia’s Got Talent and the runner-up on the 2007 season of Dancing With The Stars with partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy is one very, very busy woman!

So how does she manage it all — juggling her big career with marriage to husband Stephen Belafonte and motherhood to daughters Phoenix Chi Gulzar, 16, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, 7, Madison Brown Belafante, 3 and stepdaughter Giselle Belafonte, 11?

“It’s all about trying to get the balance right each week. Splitting time with kids, your husband and work and me time,” Mel explains. “Follow your passion. That will make you the best wife and parent, I think. You have to fulfill your own creative passion.”

Such great advice, Mel! If you fulfill yourself, you’ll be able to do a bang up job of being a parent and wife too. Plus, this comes from a woman who has her home base in LA but last year spent six months in Britain. In other words- she’s a big traveller too.

This year, aside from the exciting, newly launched PingTank app and Spice Girls reunion on the horizon, Mel may also be recording new music!

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