‘Scandal’ Recap: A Crucial Moment From Olivia & Fitz’s Past Is Unveiled

The March 26 episode of 'Scandal' featured a quickie wedding and an epic revelation about Olitz we've been waiting seasons to find out. Shonda Rhimes wanted her Gladiators to cry puddles of tears during the March 26 episode of Scandal. Cyrus (Jeff Perry) and Michael (Matthew Del Negro) rushed to the altar, we got a glimpse into Cyrus' shocking past and a pivotal Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) moment we've all been wondering about since day one was finally brought to light.

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‘Scandal’ Recap: My Best Man’s Wedding

Olivia was woken up from her disturbing slumber — which included visions of her epic moments with Fitz interspersed with her horrible kidnapping — by a phone call. This all happened so fast I had whiplash. Geez, Scandal. But it wasn’t just Olivia. Quinn, Abby, Cyrus were all buzzed in the middle of the night.

It was over about Michael. Yeah, Cyrus’ prostitute fiance had a little too much fun on a night out, and there was video all of it. There was only one thing to do at this point — get married. Cyrus was the pregnant bride, and he needed to change the conversation fast. What better way to do that than by having a big, extravagant White House wedding? 

Okay, Scandal. I’m in.

Olivia went straight to her girl Mellie to get her onboard the wedding train. Mellie needed to be the host of the wedding. It would be historic and the perfect opportunity for Mellie to launch her own political platform. Man, Olivia preached to Mellie good. By the end of Olivia’s speech, she had Mellie on a leash.

As Cyrus pondered his next walk down the aisle, he had a flashback to his earlier days. He got down and proposed to a girl named Janet. He even called her the love of his life. Well, we all know how that must of worked out.

‘Scandal’ Recap: The Return Of Sally Langston

While the Cyrus and Michael shotgun wedding was being planned, Fitz was sitting pretty in the Oval. He wondered who thought of Mellie hosting the nuptials because he knew it couldn’t have been her. Abby admitted it was Olivia, and the look on Fitz’s entire face changed and that emotional music started playing. My Olitz senses were tingling.

Meanwhile, Mellie was going wedding crazy! She invited Michael’s parents to the wedding and that scared him silly. When he looked to Cyrus for comfort, Cy acted like a total tool. Barf.

Back to the flashback days (or when Cyrus had a terrible wig days), Cyrus was all set for his big day. But when a cute guy named Ronnie walked in, we all knew Cyrus wasn’t completely ready. Cyrus refused to cave into his feelings, especially in the midst of the AIDS crisis. After 16 years of a miserable marriage, Janet asked for a divorce. This just paved the way to his union with James.

Forget Cyrus’ terrible wig, SALLY LANGSTON RETURNED. The little ball of political fire was now hosting her own show. She knew Cyrus and Michael’s wedding was a sham and offered a reward for proof of their “fraudulent and immoral marriage.” She was looking for any and all dirt on Michael and had Leo doing all the digging. Michael swore he was clean but had guilt written all over his face.

He was guilty alright. He was hooking up with a guy, and he was going to be on Sally’s show. At this point, everyone was ready to give Sally the win on this one, but Olivia wasn’t ready to give up.

Elizabeth wasn’t exactly thrilled that Mellie had agreed to the gay wedding without consulting her. Mellie flipped out big time just like she should have. Mellie wasn’t some robot that Elizabeth could dictate however she pleased.

“You wish you were, but you can’t be me,” Mellie seethed. And that was that.

‘Scandal’ Recap: Sweet Baby

The show then flashed back to Cyrus and James’ (!) wedding, but it was really all about Olivia and Fitz. Olivia was continuing to have crazy flashbacks of her moments with Fitz, with them all leading to one pivotal moment.

Olivia was putting rose petals on the bed for Cyrus and James’ wedding when Fitz walked in with his Navy sweatshirt on. Swoon. He asked her why she resigned and left him alone.

“I can’t be there and see you every day,” Olivia said.

That’s when Fitz dropped a ring box on the bed. Inside it was a very old, rare ring. The name of it meant “sweet baby.” He was supposed to give it to his wife, but it never felt right.

“I was supposed to give it to you,” he said, leaving me a pool of my own tears.

Olivia didn’t want a ring from Fitz. He assured her that she didn’t have to love him or come back to him, but as long as she wore that ring, he knew they would be OK. She put it on, and they kissed.

“I could never hate you,” Olivia cried, further sending me down the rabbit hole of emotions.

This is what Shonda Rhimes does best. She weaves in something we’ve known since day one, something so simple, and reveals why it’s so important for her characters. “Sweet baby” and Liv’s ring have been things I’ve been desperate to find out, and it warms my Olitz loving heart to know what they symbolize. They symbolize hope.

After her dream, Olivia went crazy around her apartment trying to find the ring. She found it but didn’t put it on quite yet. Yeah, so when she went to the Oval Office, Fitz noticed it wasn’t on her finger. Cue all my tears.

‘Scandal’ Recap: And The End Of The Day, There’s Always Hope

Olivia went straight to the eye of the storm — Sally Langston — to try and stop the interview with Michael’s other guy. Being the stubborn lady Sally is, she refused. Olivia had another option, and it wasn’t a pretty one. Basically, Cyrus would throw Michael to the wolves by exposing his infidelity. Cyrus was all ready to go with this plan right before had dinner with Michael’s parents. After they proved to be the most disgusting, homophobic parents, Cyrus had a change of tune about Michael.

Olivia headed back to Sally and threatened to expose her late husband’s bad behavior if she went through with the interview. Good one, Liv! Sally caved and Team White House won!

But can we just take a moment to admire Olivia’s picture perfect white jacket? DAYUM.

Before the wedding, Michael and Cyrus had a heart-to-heart. Cyrus confessed that he did not hate Michael. Cyrus knew Michael was a good person. Michael was good for little Ella, and Cyrus realized that. “I will promise this: I may not do it well, but I will do my best to be your someone. You’re not alone,” Cyrus said. Bless. My. Beating. Heart.

In the final moments of the episode, Shonda bestowed me with a beautiful gift. As Fitz shook the hands of guests after the wedding, he looked over to Olivia. He noticed that she put his ring back on.

Yep, all you Olake shippers can just take a step back. Hate me for it, but Olivia and Fitz are endgame. Their relationship is flawed, complicated and heartbreaking, but these two love each unconditionally. They belong together, and I believe they’ll get their happy ending one day.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s Scandal? Are you glad Cyrus married Michael? Do you think there’s hope for Olivia and Fitz? Let me know!

— Avery Thompson

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