Justin Bieber’s Sweet Confession To A Stranger About Fame

Sometimes, you need to turn to a complete stranger to get some things off your chest. And Justin Bieber did that, opening up to a completely random person for a deep conversation about his life, his fame and the struggles with living in L.A. We estimate that there is at least two and a half million of fans who would have killed to be in Mike Maedke's position when he ran into Justin Bieber, 21, while hiking. But it may be that Justin needed someone just like Mike to talk to. In this case of 'right place, right time,' Justin opened up to his new friend for a very personal conversation!

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Justin Bieber & Stranger On Hike: He Gets Personal In Conversation With Random Person

Sometime during the week of March 22, Mike and his wife were hiking through Runyon Canyon in California when they recognized Justin while he walked by, reports TMZ. Offering a casual “Hey Biebs” as a greeting, Justin stopped and he struck up a conversation with Mike. They talked for about twenty minutes, and Justin opened up about missing Canada and the pressures of being internationally famous.

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During their talk, Justin looked towards Los Angeles and commented how “It’s so chaotic down there.”

Leonardo DiCaprio & Justin Bieber Hitting On Girls Together In The Club?

But the serene connection with this complete stranger ended for both of them when two passing girls recognized Justin and had the expected freak-out. Knowing that this moment in time was over, Justin reportedly fist bumped his new friend and walked off.

But not before the two of them took a selfie.

Justin Bieber: Shirtless In ‘Vogue’ With Bikini-Clad Kendall Jenner

If Justin is feeling so lonely, maybe he can look up Kendall Jenner for some emotional supportThe two flirty friends recently teamed up for a hot photo shoot for the April 2015 issue of Vogue. Justin showed off his six-pack abs while posing shirtless next to a bikini clad Kendall. After the chemistry seen on their photo shoot, perhaps Justin would like to open up more than his shirt to the KUWTK star?

What do you think caused Justin get so personal with a total stranger, HollywoodLifers? 

— Jason Brow