‘Glee’ Series Finale Spoiler: Rachel’s Pregnant — Who’s The Daddy?

Ring the alarm -- this is not a drill! Rachel Berry will be pregnant in the series finale of 'Glee,' as evidenced by a set of new photos that leaked online. So who's the daddy? Find out here! Rachel (Lea Michele) may have kissed Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) on the penultimate episode of Glee, but the series finale -- where Rachel appears to be very pregnant -- jumps ahead to the year 2020, so anyone could be the father. Is it Jesse? Sam (Chord Overstreet)? Or possibly Rachel's college boyfriend Brody Weston (Dean Geyer)? Find out after the jump -- if you don't mind being spoiled!

Glee Series Finale Rachel Pregnant
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‘Glee’ Series Finale: Rachel Pregnant With Jesse St. James — Spoiler Pics

Surprise! Thanks to a set of new pics that leaked online, it seems as though Jesse is the one who impregnates Ms. Rachel Berry.

Are you shocked? While we had fun watching Rachel explore a relationship with Sam, we feel like Jesse is more her type. He’s like the male version of her.

We’re going to go out on a limb and assume that Rachel graduates from NYADA before she gets pregnant. And we’re so excited to see that Kurt and Blaine will still be together, five years from now. Even better — they’re all still besties!

‘Glee’s Original Ending: Ryan Murphy Shares Planned Final Scene For Finn & Rachel

It’s so exciting to see Rachel pregnant, but it also makes us a big nostalgic for Finn (Cory Monteith). Before the actor’s tragic passing in 2013, Rachel had a pregnancy scare during Season 4. She ended up not being pregnant, but it didn’t stop fans from hoping that she’d get back together with Finn one day. After all, they were supposed to be “endgame,” as Finn told Rachel in Season 4 Episode 14, titled “I do” (watch the video below). Sadly, Cory’s unexpected death changed everything, including creator Ryan Murphy‘s original plan for the series finale.

“The ending of Glee is something I have never shared with anyone, but I always knew it. I’ve always relied on it as a source of comfort, a North Star. At the end of season 6, Lea [Michele]‘s Rachel was going to have become a big Broadway star, the role she was born to play. Finn was going to have become a teacher, settled down happily in Ohio, at peace with his choice and no longer feeling like a Lima loser. The very last line of dialogue was to be this: Rachel comes back to Ohio, fulfilled and yet not, and walks into Finn’s glee club. ‘What are you doing here?’ he would ask. ‘I’m home,’ she would reply. Fade out. The end,” Ryan told Entertainment Weekly in Dec. 2013.

It’s very upsetting to think about now, but we have a feeling that Finn would want to see Rachel happy. And based on the series finale pics, she looks it. See more photos in the gallery above. And don’t miss the series finale, airing March 20 on Fox.

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— Chris Rogers

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