Vanessa Marano Reveals Why She Refuses To Date Her Costars — Listen

With all of the gorgeous men on 'Switched At Birth,' it's surprising that Vanessa Marano would still be single! However, she told on our podcast that it's because she's never going to date an actor! Never say never, Vanessa Marano! At 22, the Switched At Birth star doesn't have much time for dating -- and she's not about to date a costar. While she agreed they have adorable men coming in and out (yes, I'm looking at you Lucas Grabeel), she always follows the word of her mom: no dating actors!

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Vanessa Marano: Dating Costars Isn’t An Option

“We get good ones [on Switched at Birth], but I don’t date actors,” Vanessa said on our HollywoodLife podcast. “That’s a rule that I set up for myself! It’s the worst. Two things my mother said to me that just grilled into me: don’t do drugs and never date an actor or an athlete.”

 So, what’s wrong with actors? Well, “most actors are crazy,” she admits — and that includes actresses. However, the other issue is “what do you talk about?”

“When you’re in the same profession as somebody, what do you talk about?” she said. “You experience the same thing, always. They can get weirdly competitive.”

Vanessa Isn’t Free On Friday Nights

Oddly enough, her sister Laura Marano told us the same thing — she and her Austin & Ally costars made an agreement not to date each other so it wouldn’t get weird (of course, we’re still thinking she and Ross Lynch are perfect.)

However, Vanessa did say she has no problem meeting people — it’s her schedule.

“Consistently dating is an issue because you work such long hours,” she said. “I work every Friday night. It’s been nicknamed ‘Friday Night Pizza with Vanessa.’ I’m dating our camera department, basically.”

So, the Switched At Birth camera men are very lucky! You can listen to her full interview here and tune into ABCFamily on Tuesdays at 9PM ET.

— Emily Longeretta

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