‘Vanderpump Rules’ Recap: Jax Throws Tom Sandoval Under The Bus

While Jax struggled to keep Tom Sandoval's alleged indiscretions a secret on the Feb. 23 episode of 'Vanderpump Rules,' Stassi taught Kristen how to get him to reveal the truth. Plus, James apologized to Kristen in an attempt so save their relationship. Jax finally cracked on the Feb. 23 episode of Vanderpump Rules. After weeks of trying to be Switzerland, he succumbed to peer pressure and told Kristen and Scheana that Tom Sandoval did, in fact, have sex with Miami Girl. This means Tom totally cheated on Ariana.

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Vanderpump Rules Jax Admits Tom Sandoval Cheated
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‘Vanderpump Rules’: Jax Admits Tom Sandoval Cheated — February 22 Recap

Well, Kristen finally got her wish — Tom Sandoval’s secret is now out in the open. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make anyone think she’s any less crazy.

After James sat Kristen down and apologized for provoking her at Scheana’s wedding, they agreed to take care of their own things  before continuing with their relationship. Clearly, James wants Kristen to sort out her drama with Tom — once and for all.

In an effort to do just that, Kristen invited Stassi to lunch in order to find out how to get Jax to reveal the truth about Tom. Kristen said that it’s not about breaking Tom and Ariana up. Instead, she just wants people to stop calling her a liar. So she’s on a mission to find the truth. Surprisingly, Stassi took the mature route and asked Kristen to consider moving on with her life. However, Kristen’s never one to listen to good advice.

Because Kristen wanted to try one last time to get the truth out of Jax, who has previously claimed he saw Tom cheat on Ariana, she invited him to dinner, along with Scheana, Shay and Brittany. And after some mild persuasion, Jax finally exposed Tom’s secret — he said that Tom did have “sex” with Miami Girl.

And just as Kristen threw her hands in the air to celebrate her victory, Scheana said she could care less and that she doesn’t want to ruin her best friend, Ariana’s, happiness with Tom. She also said that, regardless of the truth, Kristen still seems crazy.

Scheana Rants About Kristen’s Craziness

During her interview, Scheana said, “Kristen, people don’t think you’re crazy because you may or may not have told the truth about something Jax told you once. It’s because you slept with you ex-boyfriend’s best friend, got your friend punched in the face by a stripper, had some girl fly across the country to confront Sandoval, yelled at Lisa, got fired, and punched your boyfriend at a wedding,”

Yeah — that about sums it up. Although, we totally wish Bravo filmed the stripper fight that everyone was talking about during tonight’s episode. It sounded pretty epic.

OK — so now that Tom Sandoval’s secret is out, how do you think he’s going to react? Will Ariana dump Tom?

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