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James Franco & Zachary Quinto Make Out In Sexy Slow-Mo Video — Watch

The Sundance Film Festival is getting steamy! James Franco and Zachary Quinto brought the heat to snowy Park City, Utah with a sexy make out for 'The New York Times' slow motion video. Check out these co-stars get cozy! Leave it to James Franco, 36, to blur the lines between art and reality with I Am Michael co-star Zachary Quinto, 37. Both actors appeared to embrace their on-screen chemistry at the The Times' Sundance Film booth. Their lip locking in "Sundance In Slow-Mo" is so good that we think these two could take home a golden popcorn for the famous "MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss"!

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 Zachary Quinto & James Franco Kiss At Sundance In Slo-Mo Video

Speaking of popcorn, to make things even more interesting in this make-out moment, Zachary poured a box of popcorn on top him and James and made it rain kernels as they kissed. Once it was over, both actors broke out of character and laughed — so cute!

Also, did we mention how hairy this kiss is with both of the actors’ beards?

Meanwhile, this playful PDA is just a slither of what you can expect from James and Zach in I Am Michael.

James Has A Threesome In ‘I Am Michael’ — See Graphic Pic

As we previously reported, in his upcoming movie, I Am Michael, James has a threesome with Zach and Charlie Carver and you’ll want to see the pictures from their really racy scene!

In the indie film, James plays real life former gay activist Michael Glatze, who ultimately rejects his homosexuality and subsequently becomes an anti-gay Christian fundamentalist.

If the kiss between James and Zach made you curious to see the film, than their slo-mo scene worked!

HollywoodLifers: what do you think: Was this kiss between James and Zach sexy? Do you want to see the movie now? Comment below!

— Jordyn Shaffer