Brandi Glanville Talks ‘Crazy’ Kenya Moore: ‘There’s A Level Of Evil There’

After Kenya called out Brandi for her marital problems on 'Celebrity Apprentice,' she sat there and took it -- and found out why. Shots fired for the Real Housewives! On the Feb. 2 episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, both Kenya Moore and Brandi Glanville and it was clear they were not friends. SO, after the show ended, did that mean the feud did, too? Well, not so fast. In an exclusive interview with, Brandi revealed just why she doesn't like Kenya and she even touches on that new feud with Lisa Rinna!

Brandi Glanville Kenya Moore Fight
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Brandi Glanville & Kenya Moore’s Fight

“There is a level of evil there,” Brandi told us about Kenya. “I’m a big fan of RHOA, and I’m not a huge Nene [Leakes] fan but she’s so mean to Nene! And I’m like, ‘That is the person that I had to deal with! Now people can see it.’ She thinks she has a free pass to be evil!”

If you missed Celebrity Apprentice, Kenya and Brandi had a lot of tension throughout the season, but mostly in the boardroom when Kenya told Brandi her husband left her for a “younger, prettier” woman, referencing Leann Rimes. Brandi didn’t actually respond — which was amazing.

“You have to consider your source,” she told us. “I always say, ‘You can’t fight with crazy because you’ll never win.’ You have to know when and where to pick your battles. She’s not somebody you want to battle with. She was looking for a reaction. When somebody wants something that desperately, I won’t give it to them.”

Brandi Responds To Housewives Drama

Brandi also weighed in on Lisa Rinna‘s latest interview, when she told Bravo that for a new role she was inspired by Brandi. “They wanted me to play a trashy mom trying to keep up with her 18-year-old daughter,” she said about a new project. “And I used [Brandi]. I dressed like her.”

“She’s never met my children,” Brandi revealed, before adding that she was actually shocked by the statement. “I’ve gotten along with her really well! I really don’t know where that’s all coming from. It bums me out! We were getting along. I was giving her advice on the show! I don’t know; I think maybe it’s her last chance at fame [or] a desperate attempt for attention. I’m not sure.”

Well there you have it! Are you team Kenya or Team Brandi?

— Emily Longeretta

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