Walter White Returns In ‘Breaking Bad’-Inspired Esurance Super Bowl Ad

Bryan Cranston is back in 'Breaking Bad' mode in this hilarious new Esurance Super Bowl ad. Watch it right here! We don't know what scares us more -- Lindsay Lohan as our "Sorta Mom" or Bryan Cranston as our "Sorta Pharmacist." The award-winning Breaking Bad star returns to the small screen as the most untrustworthy pharmacist ever in Esurance's clever new ad -- watch!

Walter White’s Super Bowl Commercial 2015 — Bryan Cranston Stars In Esurance Ad

What would YOU do if you walked into your local pharmacy to fill a prescription and Bryan, 58, was behind the counter in a hazmat suit? Yeah, we’d probably be a little nervous too.

When the customer in this commercial points out that Bryan isn’t her usual pharmacist “Greg,” he explains, “I’m sorta Greg. We’re both over 50 years old, we both used to own a Pontiac Aztek. We both have a lot of experience with drugs… sorry, pharmaceuticals. So, say my name.”

“Sorta Greg,” the woman says uneasily. Bryan then insists that the woman take her “sorta prescription” and beat it, which she reluctantly does. Esurance’s point? “Sorta you isn’t you. Esurance helps makes sure you only pay for what’s right for you, not someone sorta like you.” Brilliant!

Lindsay Lohan Gets Into Car Accident In Super Bowl Commercial

While Bryan’s appearance in this commercial was a total surprise for fans, we knew about Lindsay’s hilarious Esurance commercial before the big game, thanks to her recent tweet: “Maybe you’ve heard about me being in an #ad for @esurance. Well, it’s #sorta true…”

Now we get it! Lindsay was at the top of her comedic game in her new “Sorta Mom” ad, which is also a must-see!

So HollywoodLifers, do YOU think Bryan’s new commercial is funny? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

— Tierney McAfee

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