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Justin Bieber: His Detailed Calvin Klein Diet & Workout Plan Revealed

Justin looks so good in his Calvin Klein ad campaign and HollywoodLife.com has learned how he got in shape directly from his personal trainer, Patrick Nilsson! Justin Bieber didn't just wake up and decide to strip down for Calvin Klein, his trainer, Patrick Nilsson founder of Orange Gym Rats, tells HollywoodLife.com that this was over three years in the making! We've found out how Justin got in such great shape, what he has in his fridge and even what he considers to be his best body part!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Calvin Klein

Justin Bieber His Detailed Calvin Klein Diet & Workout Plan Revealed

Justin had a strict meal plan over the past few years because his trainer tells us that he actually had to gain 20 pounds!

“He has put on 20 pounds of muscle and he’s still working on it,” Patrick tells HollywoodLife.com. “It’s a work in progress. We want to put on at least 15 pounds, he’s going to get even bigger, that’s the plan.”

That might sound like a lot of weight but it’s actually lean muscle and muscle weighs more than fat! But Patrick whipped Justin into shape and even though he had to eat healthy, he did occasionally cheat.

“No late night snacks!” Patrick says he told the Biebs. “But if you have to eat at night go with protein rich … like greek yoghurt, which has a lot of cacien so the protein will last you all night. Justin loves grilled cheese, and whenever we’re in Canada he loves his Tim Hortons whenever we can get it.”

We love it! But that’s not all, Justin has become obsessed with green juices and he has them delivered to his house!

“Justin has at least one green juice every day,” Patrick says. “He usually starts the day with one, he gets them delivered and he stocks his fridge with them. He hated them at first and the way they taste but he loves them now, he loves how they make him feel. It’s the same way with coffee, it tastes bad at first but then you get addicted to it and you start to love the way it tastes, it’s the same with green juice. Justin has one every morning now.”

We think Justin looks great and Patrick says that even though Justin wants to get even bigger, there’s one of his body parts that he absolutely loves!

“Justin’s favorite body parts right now are his chest and arms and abs,” he told us. “[But] he would like to build his shoulders out more.”

We told you that Justin broke his foot while playing soccer in Turks & Caicos over New Year’s and his trainer says that this will definitely impact his time in the gym!

“It’s a pretty common injury but it’s going to take at least 4 weeks before he can start walking properly so that’s going to affect our training but we will work around it. We’re going to avoid his foot for a bit, so we’re just going to work on upper body which you aren’t supposed to do but we’ll have to skip leg day for at least a few weeks maybe even a month.”

We are just glad he is okay!

HollywoodLifers, how do you think Justin looked in his Calvins?

— Reporting by Allison Swan, Written by Chloe Melas