‘Eye Candy’ Premiere: Casey Deidrick Teases Steamy Love Triangle

It looks like there's going to be some romance drama on 'Eye Candy.' Ahead of the premiere of MTV's new tech thriller, beginning on Jan. 12, we interviewed star Casey Deidrick and he revealed to us EXCLUSIVELY what we can expect from the mysterious thriller. On MTV's new scripted drama Eye Candy, Casey Deidrick plays a young detective in the NYPD cyber crimes unit. When he's not investigating deadly crimes, he does find time to potentially woo his coworker Lindy, played by Victoria Justice, but he's not the only one! Check out what the actor told us EXCLUSIVELY about the new series and hist possible love triangle!

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‘Eye Candy’ Premiere: Casey Deidrick Interview

MTV’s new series Eye Candy premieres on Jan. 12 and the tech drama looks seriously intense. Luckily, we got to sit down with star Casey so he could tell us all about the new show and what romances his character might find himself in. 

“It’s platonic at first. At the start of the season especially. But there’s always a fine line between friendship and feelings,” he told HollywoodLife.com exclusively on set. “I think Tommy realizes that he does have feelings for her at the end of the season. And I think they work really well together! I think he doesn’t like the fact at happens, but he likes working with her a lot. He’s fascinated by her. She’s very smart, she’s very witty. And very tech-savvy. And I think he’s learning a lot from her.”

However, we know Lindy dates quite a few men on the show, since she’s searching for the killer.

“I’m just in the background for now!” he said, before hinting that of course, he’ll be mixed in to that. “What’s a good love story without a good love triangle? I think some thing like that will be in the mix as well.”

‘The Show Is Meant To Scare You’

Eye Candy is definitely a new kind of series for MTV, mostly because it’s just so suspenseful.

“The show is meant to scare you,” Casey said about the series. “There’s definitely a lot of blood and gore… It’s really creepy!”

Eye Candy premieres on MTV on Jan. 12 at 10pm ET, and we can’t wait. Will you guys tune in to the new MTV series? Let us know!

— Casey Mink

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