‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Kody Brown Slams Daughter’s Crude Fashion Biz Ambitions

Kody Brown wears a cell phone holster and now we know why he has such dated style taste -- he thinks  the fashion industry is 'crude' and 'highly sexualized.' All hail to the Brown family daughters -- Mykelti and Madison, who ignore dad Kody Brown's major misgivings and embark on their own life and career aspirations.

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‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Kody Brown Is Against Daughter’s Dream Job

Kody is particularly freaked out that daughter, Mykelti, 17, with third wife, Christine, is determined to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer despite her father’s less than supportive stance.

Kody disses the fashion industry nonstop as he reluctantly contemplates and then accompanies Mykelti on an interview with renowned Las Vegas-based designer, David Tupaz.

Just suspend reality for a minute — when was the last time parents went along with their daughter for a career internship interview — and focus on Kody’s point of view.

While you have to credit him for allowing Mykelti, to actually pursue her fashion ambitions, he doesn’t mince words when it comes to dissing the her chosen business.

“As a parent, I’m very concerned with Mykelti pursuing the fashion industry… I think when you’re in high fashion, it’s about being scantily clad,”he asserts.

Nevertheless, and thank you Kody, he believes that Mykelti can go into fashion “without being so sexualized” and he thinks his daughter can bring “class back into the fashion industry.”

However, if she doesn’t succeed in turning around the entire industry — he hopes she quits it!

Not too much pressure on Mykelti!

Meanwhile, Kody gets his digs in at very tolerant designer David Tupaz when he asserts that he doesn’t want his daughter “meeting people who push the threshold of her values” and then he complains that he’s bored out of his mind, while his daughter tours Tupaz’s studio.

Kody’s fashion industry disdain is pretty weird considering he’s in the business himself.

After all, he and his wives have been running their own jewelry accessories website– My Sisterwife’s Closet, for the past couple of years, and that’s still a source of angst for the wives.

Financially, the business has been a dud so far and now Robyn and Meri — are upset by suggestions from other entrepreneurs, that they start selling other fashion accessories and clothing on their site, as well as their own.

“It’s cheating,” not to just sell your own products, Robyn freaks. She wants “integrity” in their offerings and Meri agrees — “it’s not fun anymore” if they add other choices.

Spoiler alert, however. It looks like they took the advice — their Sisterwife site — appears to offer some new brands.

Maddie Brings her Parents To Tears

Now back to the Brown daughters. Hooray for Maddie, 17, who starts at Utah State University, and couldn’t be more thrilled to exit mom Janelle‘s house, and she says that she’s never coming back.

She packs up EVERYTHING, leaving Janelle in tears and moves into the most gorgeous student apartment ever.

She wants to become a Supreme Court judge — fantastic ambition — after being elected Student Body President at her high school and delivering the commencement speech.

Kody has a meltdown when Maddie just wants her parents to leave pronto after delivering her to college, especially after Kody starts telling her how to protect her body against aggressive guys, which is actually the best advice he’s ever delivered.

“I didn’t catch all the special moments with Madison,” he laments.

Well Kody, it’s kind of hard to get enough time with each child, when you have 17 of them and four wives to attend to – the problems of polygamy!

And yes, more polygamy problems were revealed. Janelle, wife #2, is finally seeing a shrink to pour out her long held resentment against Meri, wife #1.

She hopes to finally do double therapy with Meri to go back to life “before emotional baggage.”

Yup, sounds like a good idea.

Well, all that and lots of awkward Brown parents dancing — minus mortified Janelle — in this two hour premiere.

So HollywoodLifers — do you think Kody went overboard in insulting the fashion industry? Let me know.

— Bonnie Fuller 

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