‘The Vampire Diaries’: Why Steroline Won’t Happen This Season

Say it ain't so! As much as Steroline shippers want Stefan and Caroline to get together this season, it doesn't look like they'll be sparking up a real romance anytime soon. Sounds like the show is going for a slow build-up -- Delena style. Steroline fans have been hungry for Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice Accola) to finally cave in to their feelings since The Vampire Diaries season four. Season six of the hit show has given us more Steroline scenes than ever, but don't expect them to be an official couple by season's end. Executive producer Caroline Dries revealed in an all-new interview that Caroline is not focusing on "romance and love" whatsoever.

The Vampire Diaries Caroline Stefan Dating
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‘The Vampire Diaries’: Caroline & Stefan Dating In Season 6?

Where are you Steroline, why can’t we find you? Well, TVD EP Caroline has the scoop, but brace yourselves.

“Well, as Caroline sort of reels from the terrible situation that her mom is going through, the idea of romance and love is not exactly at the forefront of her thoughts,” Caroline told Alloy Entertainment.

Even though Caroline won’t be focusing on her love life, we Steroline shippers should not lose hope!

“She’s really worried about her mom and is focused on taking care of her and helping her through this tough time. As for Stefan, he’s going to use this as an opportunity to be a good friend to sort of make up for all the ways he failed at the beginning of the season.”

Caroline has every right to be dedicating all her time to her mother. We learned in The Vampire Diaries mid-season finale that Sheriff Forbes was suffering from glioblastoma. Stefan and Caroline had hit a rough patch after Stefan abandoned her at the end of last season, but this tragedy has brought them back together.

‘The Vampire Diaries’: Will Stefan & Caroline At Least Kiss?

However, just because Steroline won’t make things Facebook official doesn’t mean sexy makeout sessions can and won’t occur.

“There will be kissing. A LOT of kissing. By more than one couple,” fellow TVD EP Julie Plec tweeted on Dec. 11. “There will be a hook-up, a break-up, and a make-up. Not necessarily by the same couple.”

Granted, there are a lot of couples on the show, but we’re crossing our fingers that Caroline and Stefan will finally get some action.

Even though we are getting anxious about Steroline, let’s remember that Damon and Elena took three seasons to really kiss. (We can’t wait that long again.)

Steroline is alive and well, and giving Klaroline shippers a run for their money. Just imagine how incredible a full-fledged love triangle would be between Stefan, Caroline and Klaus. It would be EPIC.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Steroline is meant to be? Are they better than Delena? Sound off on your thoughts in the comments below!

— Avery Thompson

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