Kenny Chesney Receives First Ever ACC Groundbreaker Award

From sold out arenas to chart topping hits, Kenny Chesney has dominated the country music scene for two decades. It's no surprise he was recognized for all of his success at the ACC Awards. Country music superstar, Kenny Chesney, 46, was all smiles on Dec. 15  as he accepted the Groundbreaker Award at the first-ever American Country Countdown Awards in Nashville. He has blazed a lot of trails within country music and this award recognizes all of his innovative work.

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Kenny Chesney: Receives Groundbreaker Award

Everyone’s favorite country boy, Kenny Chesney, can add a brand new award to his arsenal. The “Groundbreaker Award” honors creative innovation, musical accomplishments and role in expanding the genre — all of which Kenny exhibits.

So it’s no surprise when funny man Vince Vaughn announced Kenny would be the recipient for this new award. Vince told the crowd, “You can break hearts, you can beak the law, you can break a leg and you can even break balls… but Kenny Chesney can break ground.”

Kenny was one of the first country artists to headline shows in multi-capacity stadiums, essentially revolutionizing the concert experience for fans.

“The Groundbreaker Award recognizes how Kenny has revolutionized the live music experience for country fans,” says Mark Bracco, executive vice president of programing and development at Dick Clark Productions. “He is a true groundbreaker, moving country music into new directions with his pioneering, record-breaking tours that have propelled him into one of the very biggest live performing artists in America. Kenny is the perfect recipient for our very first show.”

Kenny Chesney Feels Honored To Be A ‘Groundbreaker’

Prior to the show Kenny stated, “To be given the first of any special award is a great honor because you know they’ve really thought about it,” he told PEOPLE. “What they want that award to mean or represent, and how you do that.”

Kenny added, “Given what they’re saying the Groundbreaker Award means, I’m honored that’s how the ACC Awards sees me. I try to push what we’ve done, give the fans the best night of the summer – and hopefully, we can keep making the music better and more interesting to give them a reason to come back.”

Everyone loves Kenny, not only was he very gracious during his acceptance speech, but he also put on quite the show when he performed his latest single, “Til It’s Gone.”

He looked very handsome in his cowboy hat and it was very clear that the audience enjoyed every minute of his performance!

What do you think, HollywoodLifers, was Kenny Chesney the perfect choice for the award? Let us know.

— Brittany King

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