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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Recap: Tom Schwartz Admits To Cheating On Katie

Wow. We did not see this coming. After rumors swirled that Tom Schwartz cheated on Katie while in Las Vegas, he finally came clean on the Dec. 8 episode of 'Vanderpump Rules' and admitted that the accusations are true. It's as if no one who works at SUR knows what it means to be faithful. Following Jax and Kristen's shocking cheating scandal, it was revealed on the Dec. 8 episode of Vanderpump Rules that Tom Schwartz did, in fact, cheat on Katie.

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‘Vanderpump Rules’: Tom Schwartz Cheated On Katie Maloney — December 8 Recap

For once, Kristen was really telling the truth. Of course, Stassi didn’t believe the rumors at first. She even met with her frienemy for a glass of sauvignon blanc to discuss the accusations that Tom Schwartz slept with Jax’s girlfriend Tiffany’s best friend.

We’re going to be honest. Anything that comes out of Kristen’s mouth sounds like an elaborate lie, but something about her story rubbed Stassi the wrong way. So Stassi ran home and told Katie everything she heard, which inspired Katie to confront Jax at SUR. She, of course, wanted to get to the bottom of the rumors and find out if Tom really cheated on her.

In hopes of saving his best friend’s reputation, Jax, who was the one to originally claim Tom Schwartz cheated, told Katie nothing ever happened. Katie looked super confused. But once Tom Schwartz showed up, he came clean about everything!

Tom Schwartz Comes Clean

Tom Schwartz admitted to “making out” with Scheana‘s friend, who is oddly named Kate. The rumors, though, were that Tom slept with Tiffany’s best friend, so we have a feeling more will be revealed during the next few weeks.

Katie left SUR in tears, but she soon ended up leaning on Stassi’s shoulder at home. Oh, and they also scarfed down a greasy pizza. (That always helps!)

Much to their surprise, Tom Schwartz showed up mid-conversation with red tulips in hand. Unfortunately, the episode ended before he had a chance to say anything.

Will Katie forgive Tom? Will they break up? What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Are you surprised that Tom Schwartz cheated on Katie? Tell us how you feel!

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