‘Austin & Ally’: Will They Break Up In The Finale? – Laura Marano Interview

The 'Austin & Ally' season finale airs Sunday, Nov. 23, but not without tons of drama when Austin and Ally's relationship hits a huge bump in the road! HollywoodLife.com chatted EXCLUSIVELY with Laura Marano who told us all about the big episode and gave us a little update on Ross Lynch! Laura Marano and Ross Lynch are getting ready to say goodbye to Season 3 of Austin & Ally, but will they say goodbye to each other?! The couple goes through a tough time when Austin's music label forces him to hide his relationship in public! Plus, Dez (Calum Worthy) may move away to L.A. Oh no! Click for Laura's interview!

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‘Austin & Ally’ Season Finale: Laura Marano Interview

Austin and Ally are forced to hide their relationship on the red carpet, thanks to his music label’s demands, and that doesn’t make Ally too happy on the Nov. 23 season finale.

“Oh, she’s not happy at all. I think that’s kind of the problem,” Laura tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively. “She wants to be really open about the relationship, and so does Austin, but they’re forced to keep it under wraps so it’s pretty dramatic.”

Lucky for Austin, Ally is the coolest girl ever — just like Laura! — so we may not see a big blowout. Laura adds, “Ally is trying her best to be supportive.”

How does Austin feel about having to keep his girlfriend a secret?

“Unfortunately, he’s put in this position, choosing between her and his career,” the Disney darling tells us. “She kind of gets it, she’s very supportive. In the last finale, she chose to stay in Miami to work on her music, and so she gets it. They’re in a different place now even though she took much longer so it’s going to be a pretty dramatic finale.”

‘Austin & Ally:’ Does Dez Leave For LA?

As if A&A don’t pack enough drama already, Dez may be leaving! What?!

“There’s a lot of drama in the finale! Dez finds out that his girlfriend is moving to L.A. and he wants to move with her,” Laura tells us.

Will there be a giant cliffhanger or will we know about Dez’s whereabouts at the end of the episode? “No you will know,” she confirms. “It’s funny because we didn’t know if this was our series finale so it’s kind of a resolution to it, but something happens…you’ll know definitely know a lot. There’s only one major thing that isn’t resolved, but it’s a pretty major thing. It kind of throws it all off so that kind of adds a little cliffhanger.”

Don’t worry guys — Austin & Ally was picked up for Season 4, in case you didn’t know! Phew!

Laura Marano Explains Why Fans Are So Obsessed With Her & Ross Lynch

“I think fans just love the relationship that they have. They love the friendship that developed. They love the romantic relationship that developed,” Laura told HollywoodLife.com. “I think it’s because both characters just bring out the best in the other. And also I think Ross has blond hair. I have dark hair. We look adorable!”

We couldn’t agree more! Do you agree, Raura shippers?

The Austin & Ally season finale airs Sunday, Nov. 23 (8/7c) on the Disney Channel!

HollywoodLifers, do you hope that Austin and Ally stay together or do you think they should break up, after all the drama? Let us know!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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