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Michael Phelps ‘Embarrassed’ That He Didn’t Know Hookup Girl Was A Guy

HollywoodLife.com has learned that Michael, who allegedly met Taylor Lianne Chandler, on the dating app Tinder, is upset that she was not upfront with him about being 'intersex.' Michael Phelps, 29, has been through quite a bit in the past month, he was arrested for a DUI, he went to rehab and now it has surfaced that he was allegedly dating a woman, Taylor Lianne Chandler, who claims she never told him that she was born with both male and female genitalia, and lived as David Roy Fitch until her early twenties.

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Michael Phelps ‘Embarrassed’ That He Didn’t Know Tinder Hookup Girl Was A Guy

Michael is currently in rehab, he entered in early October after he was arrested for his second DUI in September.The Olympian is expected to be released from rehab this week but we have to say it’s pretty intense timing for him.

Our insider tells HollywoodLife.com that “He is completely horrified and embarrassed. He is cutting her off cold turkey and doesnt want to talk about it to anyone at all. He wants it to go away as fast as possible.”

We can understand how he feels blindsided and we are waiting for him to make an official statement.

Taylor Lianne Chandler: “I Was Born With Male Genitalia With No Testicles”

Taylor’s Facebook profile says: “Taylor Lianne Chandler’s life changed on September 30 when her relationship with Michael Phelps, was made public.”

Something to make note of, there are no pics of Taylor and Michael ever together.

But she explains to Radar Online: “I was born with male genitalia with no testicles, but I also have a uterus and no ovaries. I was never a man, never lived as a man. No one can say they knew me as a man or produce a photo of me as a man.”

She claims that they hooked up at a Baltimore Ravens Game on Sept. 21.

“One thing led to the next, and we made love during halftime,” she tells Radar Online. “Later, we had sex again. The intimacy with him was amazing! It was the first time in my life that someone has made me feel like a true woman.”

HollywoodLifers, should Michael even be dating on Tinder?

— Chloe Melas, reporting by Russ Weakland

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