‘RHOA’: Apollo Gets Sentenced To Jail & Asks Phaedra For A Divorce

It seems like being sentenced to jail is a requirement on 'The Real Housewives' these days. Phaedra Parks' husband Apollo Nida was ordered to eight years behind bars on the charges of money laundering and fraud on the Season 7 premiere of 'RHOA' and Phaedra's reaction was shocking. Phaedra Parks knows how to make a statement. The mother-of-two leaves her husband Apollo Nida on the morning of his jail sentencing and doesn't accompany him at the courthouse on the Nov. 9 premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Meanwhile, Kenya Moore is playing victim to Porsha Williams who slapped her at the Season 6 reunion, and NeNe Leakes is stripping down in Las Vegas.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Premiere
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‘RHOA’ Season 7 Premiere: Phaedra Leaves Apollo, As He’s Sentenced To Jail

Phaedra‘s husband Apollo is all alone on the morning of his jail sentencing.

Phaedra takes her kids to a hotel to keep them away from the paparazzi during this “tumultuous time,” while Apollo heads to court with no one except his brother Michael.

“She’s not taking the stand and telling the judge, ‘Hey, he’s a good father,'” Apollo cries to his brother. “At the end of the day, I’m by myself on the biggest day of my life.”

Phaedra defends herself, explaining, “I’ve got to be a parent first.” She explains Apollo is a “big boy” and he’s going to have to pay for his own decisions by himself. “I don’t have time to babysit a grown man…I didn’t get married to have this kind of drama.” Ouch.

In the end, Apollo was sentenced to eight years in jail, pleading guilty to wire fraud, bank fraud and mail fraud.

“I’m not a murderer. I’m not a child molester. I wasn’t the guy on the corner selling cocaine,” Apollo said, trying to save face in front of the cameras. “I understand what I’ve done is illegal. It’s wrong. But it’s fixable.”

Meanwhile, Phaedra is struggling with how to deliver the news to her children, as the somber news coverage is splashed across the screen, and the housewives learn of Apollo’s fate. (Anyone else having deja vu? Weren’t we just watching another Housewives jail sentencing?)

Kenya Plays Victim To Porsha, After The Reunion Fight

Incase you forgot, Porsha slapped Kenya on the Season 6 reunion.

Porsha was demoted to a part-time cast member, but that’s not enough for Kenya — she’s pissed.

“Being physically attacked in front of the entire world was extremely humiliating and it’s been very difficult to live through,” Kenya tells the cameras.

Meanwhile, Porsha is at an extremely sexy photoshoot, flaunting her brand new assets, and making it very clear that she could care less about Kenya. “I’m working — I don’t know what she’s doing.”

Oh ladies, play nice!

Kenya found a new friend in Cynthia Bailey who’s no longer friends with NeNe (who happens to be emceeing an orgy Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas this episode). “I am living for this new Cynthia!” Kenya screams.

Apollo Befriends Kandi’s Husband After His Jail Sentencing

All of the ladies are surprised that Phaedra didn’t accompany Apollo at his sentencing, but no one disagrees with her more than Kandi Burruss‘s husband, Todd Tucker.

Apollo visits Todd to vent. He explains that Phaedra failed to even call him, after he was ordered to eight years behind bars.

On the other side of town, Kandi meets up with Phaedra in her penthouse suite, and asks her why she didn’t show up to court. She tells Phaedra that she should have gone with him, and puts it plain and simple: “Hillary stood by Bill Clinton when he was getting his d*** sucked.”

Oh boy.

Though Phaedra didn’t go with Apollo to court, she does admit that he’ll always have a special place in her heart, as he’s the father of her children.

Phaedra Comes Face-To-Face With Apollo

Phaedra finally returns home and reunites with Apollo.

“You abandoned me,” he says, adding, “Family is supposed to stick by each other through thick and thin” to which Phaedra responds, “Were you thinking of your family when you did what you did?”

The couple fights back and forth (in front of the kids, may I add) and let’s just say, they don’t even agree to disagree.

“I care about my good name that I had prior to you,” Phaedra concludes and Apollo fires back, telling her that he wants a divorce. Her reaction? “If that’s what he wants, bon voyage.”

And we all know what happened next.

HollywoodLifers, do you feel bad for Apollo or was Phaedra right to leave him and stay with the kids? Let us know.

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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