‘Vampire Diaries’: Caroline Finally Admits She Has Feelings For Stefan

Caroline may not have bought Stefan a wall, but she definitely asked him to stay on 'The Vampire Diaries' -- and finally revealed her true feelings. With Stefan (Paul Wesley) back in town to hunt down Enzo (Michael Malarkey), Elena (Nina Dobrev) does everything she can to try and return to "normal" life in outside Mystic Falls. Of course, with vampire hunters on the lose and a very upset Caroline (Candice Accola), that wasn't about to happen.

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Let’s Go Swimming

In an effort for normalcy, Elena decided to head to the “watering hole” for a day out with friends — and even invited the new cute guy, Liam (Marco James) to set him up with Caroline (Candice Accola). But instead, Liam ended up kissing Elena! Good move, bro.

‘Vampire Diaries’: It’s Perfect Timing For Stefan & Caroline To Get Together

Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Ever since Elena had her emotions turned off, and Stefan disappeared then reappeared, Caroline feels more alone than ever. So, when she headed to the watering hole with Enzo, it only led to trouble.

Stefan Turns Vamp Hunter… For Enzo’s Sake Of Course

In the woods (because that’s where things happen), Stefan went looking for Enzo to kill him — but instead, came upon a vampire hunter. By the way, that ended up being Matt’s childhood buddy, Jay. You think you know someone, right? Luckily, Enzo was there and actually saved Stefan’s life. But, that wasn’t exactly enough for Stefan.

After Enzo killed the vamp hunter, Stefan apparently took the wood-shooting gun. Later that evening, he headed to the diner where Tripp was, another founding family member, and landed two daggers into Enzo. So apparently, Stefan is helping the vampire hunters now. Wait is this all because of that random girlfriend Enzo killed? Of course not.

Stefan & Caroline: Ask Me To Stay

Since Enzo was pretty much Caroline’s only friend, she was obviously shocked when she found out that he had killed Stefan’s girlfriend. However, Stefan admitted to her that he didn’t want to kill Enzo because he had killed his ex, but because he reminded her of Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

That was when she gave him one of her speeches and asked him to stay — because she knew he came back because of her… But apparently that wasn’t the case (yes it is Stefan, just admit it already). He walked away from her, leaving her weeping over him for the second week in a row! Luckily, Elena had been listening and even though her BFF just told her ex she “needed” him, she stepped in as the BFF she always was and let Caroline cry to her.

Caroline decided to officially moving in to the dorms and Elena worked up the nerves to straight up ask: does she have feelings for Stefan? Insert moment of truth: “I did.”

New Romance In Mystic Falls?

We learned during the episode that since magic doesn’t work in Mystic Falls, that means that those are compelled, no longer are when they enter. So, Sarah, the girl that Elena attacked and Caroline compelled to forget, is probably telling the town about what happened. So that should be interesting.

However, a new romance has been brewing — and came to a head this week. Liv (Penelope Mitchell) realizes that she totally is crushing on Tyler (Michael Trevino), because he’s the perfect human, and she admits it to him. Of course, she then walks away before they can engage in some sexy kiss. So, you guys . . . #LivTyler is coming, very very soon.

Meanwhile, On The Other Side

Damon and Bonnie (Kat Graham) spend the day… the same day, again, fighting each other. While she believes that they’re not alone, Damon gets more and more annoyed with her — that is until he realizes she’s right.

He meets Kai (Chris Wood), who randomly tries to kill Damon by putting vervain in his drink. However, Bonnie showed up like usual, and because she was so determined to save him, her magic finally worked.

So, why did he want her magic to work — well, apparently, it was “the key” to getting out. Until next week!

Alright guys, this episode included a lot of admissions and a lot of feelings — so what are yours? Are you happy Caroline finally admitted her feelings? Do you think they’ll get together? Is Enzo really dead? Let me know!

— Emily Longeretta

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