Famous Hollywood Attorney Peter Knecht Dies At 78

Peter Knecht, the legendary Hollywood Criminal Defense Attorney who represented many of Hollywood's A-List celebrities, died on Oct. 3 after a long and brave fight with cancer. So incredibly sad. If anyone were ever in trouble and and needed an attorney to pull strings and fast, Peter Knecht was the person to call!

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Peter Knecht Dead
Image Credit: Courtesy of peterknecht.com

Hollywood Attorney Peter Knecht Dies From Cancer

The legendary attorney represented some of Hollywood’s elite over his 50-year law career in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

Some of his celeb clients included David Crosby, Dennis Hopper, Andy Garcia, Peter Fonda, John Barrymore Jr., Jason Priestly, Ike Turner, Ryan and Tatum O’Neal, Rob Lowe, Heidi Fleiss, Robert Blake, Charles Bronson and Robert Downey Jr.

Peter brushed elbows with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. He was close friends with California Governor Jerry Brown. He was also good friends with Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.

Peter leaves behind wife, Dr. Ava Cadell, and his son, Chance.

Peter Knecht’s Wife Dr. Ava Cadell Reflects On His Life

Peter’s wife, Sexologist and Love and Relationship expert, Dr. Ava Cadell, told HollywoodLife.com, “Peter loved life.”

“He loved every second being on this great earth. We shared many beautiful moments together and those I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

“He just finished writing his book called ‘Blood and Justice on the Sunset Strip – The Life, Loves and Lies of Criminal Defense: A Memoir by Peter Knecht’,” recalled Ava, who is famous in her own right and has given her expert opinion on love and relationship stories published by HollywoodLife.com. “More than anything, I want Peter’s book to be part of his legacy so I’m hoping to get it published and made into a Hollywood movie!”

Criminal Defense Attorney James E. Silverstein, who’s a frequent contributor to HollywoodLife.com and Peter’s business partner, shared some of his experiences working with one of the best lawyers this town has ever seen.

“I had the distinct privilege of co-representing music legend Sylvester “Sly” Stone with Peter in 2012,” James recalled. “Peter and I were able to keep Sly out of jail when he was arrested on drug charges. It was the honor of a lifetime to work on that case at Peter’s side.”

James also told us what Peter has meant to him and other lawyers who had the opportunity to work closely with him.

“Peter was an amazing man, a great teacher, a mentor and one of those men who was just an all-around great man inside the courtroom and out,” James added. “He was selfless.”

“People knew him because he represented many famous people and often won their cases. That made him famous. But what made him even more special to me was the low profile cases. The cases he took on for the average citizen and sometimes pro bono. He believed in fairness and justice for everyone, not only those who could afford it.”

“Peter always lived life to the fullest,” James told us. “His light always burned bright.”

He will be sorely missed.

— Eric Ray