Sarah Hyland & Matt Prokop – What ‘Fueled His Anger’ Before Abuse

Sarah Hyland is one brave girl. The 'Modern Family' star filled a restraining order against her abusive ex-boyfriend -- and now we learnt just what angered him so much! A source close to Sarah Hyland, 23, spoke out about what was really happened behind closed doors and what pushed Matt Prokop, 24, to act the way he did. Find out why his controlling ways turned so violence!

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Matt Prokop: Sarah Hyland Abuse — Reason Behind Attack & Restarianing Order

On September 19, Sarah filed the restraining order against her boyfriend Matt stating that he was verbally and physically abusive towards her during the last four years of their relationship.

She accused him of “pushing” and “choking” her to the point where she was “in fear for her life.” How terrifying! But what happened to make him act this way?

In a new report from US magazine, a source close to Sarah said that after they moved in together in 2010, Matt became extremely controlling of Sarah. “He got incredibly jealous when she would go out by herself or meet up with her friends,” the source explained. “He was constantly texting her, trying to find out who she was with.”

Another thing that contributed to Matt’s rage was the fact that Sarah was more successful than him, said the source. His most notable gig was guest starring on Modern Family which made him “really frustrated” and it “fueled his anger.”

That’s when things turned violent and according to Sarah, “he would make vague threats, saying that he would ‘never hit a woman but [that I] deserve’ to be beaten.”

Sarah Is Looking Forward And Staying Positive

“Sarah has a lot of support from people on Modern Family,” said the source.

On September 26, Sarah attended a party for Teen Vogue and seemed to be in good spirits!

Sarah was in an “extremely good mood. She was on the dance floor dancing with Debby Ryan, and laughing quite often,” an eyewitness at the event tells EXCLUSIVELY.

A friend of Sarah’s told US, “She’s an amazing and strong person. She’ll bounce back.”

We are happy to hear she is staying positive! What do YOU think of the new info that Matt turned violent because of his jealousy? Comment below, HollywoodLifers!

— Shira Benozilio

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