Mother Denies Treatment For Deadly Skin Cancer To Safely Birth 6th Child

Mother Kathy Taylor, 33, is fighting for her life after giving birth to her sixth child prematurely. While pregnant, her deadly skin cancer recurred but she denied treatment for fear of hurting the baby. While the baby is now safe and healthy, Kathy may not be so lucky. Brave mother Kathy Taylor, 33, was forced to give birth to her sixth child prematurely after a deadly skin cancer threatened both her life and the life of her child. The baby, Luke, is now safe and reportedly doing well in neonatal intensive care; however, his mother is now battling cancer with treatment she refused during pregnancy so that her baby could be safe.

Mother Skin Cancer
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Mother With Skin Cancer: Kathy Taylor Denies Treatment To Safely Birth 6th Child

Kathy was initially diagnosed with melanoma seven years ago, but doctors were able to remove it. The reappearance of the cancer while she was pregnant with Luke came as a huge shock to the family, and Kathy refused to undergo treatment until her baby was safely born.

The family learned of the diagnosis at 26 weeks into her pregnancy, and so Kathy decided to hold on for as long as she could so that the baby could receive as much nourishment as possible, reports the Deseret News.

However, on Sept. 11, the pain became too much for Kathy and so doctors induced her labor. Luke was born at just 1 pound 15 ounces, and Kathy’s primary focus is now to get well in order to be present for all of her six children.

Kathy Taylor: Donations Toward Her Treatment Soar On Her FundMe Page

Her eldest’s child’s 10th birthday party was on Sept. 14, and Kathy was determined to hold on for at least as long so that her child would not have to share a birthday with the date of her mother’s passing.

The Taylor family has set up a FundMe page in order to raise money for Kathy’s treatment; as of this writing, the pledges have soared past their goal of $20,000 to well over $40,000.

In the latest update posted September 16, the family reveals that baby Luke is still not strong enough to breathe on his own and that “Kathy started a treatment designed to inhibit cell mutation in her liver.

“If she responds to the treatment, she can then attempt to treat the melanoma in her liver. We did not expect her to be able to start this treatment. This includes a slew of Oncologists and other medical professionals at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Kathy is truly remarkable!”

Indeed, she is!

Our thoughts go out to the Taylor family during this trying time. We can only hope that Kathy will be able to fight the cancer ravaging her body in order to be continue to be the stellar mother that she is to her now six children

— Amanda Mitchell

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