The Fall Bob: How To Get The Chic, Layered Look

If you're sick of blow drying and are ready for a hair makeover, do what our editor in chief did. Get a low maintenance, full layered bob -- it's a life and time saver! We've seen modern updates of this iconic hairstyle on trend setters like, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Demi Lovato, and more! Now, whether you want a super short bob like our Editor in Chief, Bonnie Fuller, or a longer, messy bob like Julianne Hough 's, here are expert tips on how you can get a chic, layered bob for the fall!

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Bob Haircuts: Trending For Fall

The bob haircut is seriously timeless! It’s never going out of style and it looks great on people of any age. We got exclusive how-to tips from stylist, Jerome Lordet, of Pierre Michel Salon on how to get your ideal haircut and then how to do it yourself every day! 

When Editor Bonnie, saw Jerome, she explained that she needed a super low maintenance hair look that she could do every day with just five minutes of blow drying. That meant that Jerome need to chop a few inches off her longer, more traditional bob, and lighten it with texturizing layers.

To get started, Jerome sprayed her damp hair with RepHair Spray before blowdrying and using OSIS DUST It  mattifying powder.

“The spray helps your hair keep all day volume while the other shows off the texture of your new style,” he told us.

When it comes to a fall bob, Jerome recommends a bob with “shorter layers on the crown of the head, long side swept bangs, and your choice of length. You can go for anything from chin to shoulder!”

How To Get Your Perfect Bob

Jerome insisted that “a picture is a sure way to give your stylist the exact image of what you are looking for. Even bring different pictures with different angles of the cut you want”.

So what hair trends can we look forward to seeing this fall? “Short hair is back in! So besides the bob, we will see a lot of pixie cuts this fall,” he added.

We love this trend, and we think Bonnie’s chic bob looks great on her!  “I love it. I feel like the layers show off  my highlights and make my hair look more alive,” enthused Bonnie. ” Plus, now I really have cut my blow dry time to five minutes which is a total morning lifesaver!

Ae you scissor shy? Or are you bold enough to try a bob this fall? Let us know, below!

— Kindra Bailey

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