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Jack Nicholson’s Identical Son, Ray, Revealed — See Pic

Okay, wow. Who knew that Jack Nicholson's son was his very own spitting image? Ray, the actor's youngest child, looks like a carbon-copy of his father at the very same age. Amazing! Jack Nicholson, 77, is the proud father of three wonderful children. However, it is his youngest son Ray, 22 years old, that has inherited the most of his handsome genes! In fact, bumping into Ray on the street might feel like going back in time to 1958 -- when Jack himself was just 21!

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Jack Nicholson Son
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Jack Nicholson’s Look-a-like Son Ray Revealed In New Photo

Seeing double? It sure feels like it!

Don’t worry, your vision isn’t going. The photo you are looking at is actually of legendary actor Jack and his son, Ray.

On Saturday night, Aug. 16, Ray joined his dad at the Apollo in the Hamptons event where his nearly identical looks were revealed to the world.

From the widow’s peak hairline, the pointed eyebrows, elongated dimples, wide jaw, and signature grin — all Ray needed was a beard to look just like his dad for their Saturday night out!

Ray has also followed in Jack’s footsteps by working in Hollywood. Although he has only acted once in the 2006 film The Benchwarmers, he has worked as an Assistant Director on two recent films: Boots (2013) and A Reunion (2014).

Jack Opened Up About His ‘Fab’ Son Ray In 2008

Despite enjoying being able to keep his personal life just that — personal, Jack previously discussed his son, Ray, when he was just 16.

At the time, Jack revealed that his son was putting football above anything and everything. However, as we mentioned before, somewhere between then and now he switched over to a Hollywood gig.

“Ray is fab. He gave up a summer trip to the south of France, to get himself in condition because he very much wanted to make the varsity football team,” Jack gushed to People.

“Which he did; he’s the youngest guy on varsity. But in the last practice he broke his collarbone. And even with this, he got up every day at six, went to practice.”

It sounds like Jack was really involved in his children’s lives, especially Ray’s. So sweet!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do you think Ray looks like his dad? Do you think it’s good that Ray is into Hollywood just like his dad? Let us know your thoughts below!

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