Justin Bieber: ‘Very Persistent’ With Miranda Kerr After VS Fashion Show

Justin Bieber didn't want to let a certain angel go! After their flirty hangout at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2012, Justin was 'very persistent' about staying close to Miranda Kerr! The night that started it all. It's no secret that Justin Bieber, 20, and Miranda Kerr, 31, got very close at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2012, which was just one event that led Miranda's ex, Orlando Bloom, 37, to throw a punch at Justin or maybe two on July 30 in Ibiza. After the show, Justin was reportedly "very persistent" in trying to contact Miranda. Did this add more fuel to Orlando's fire to go after Justin?

Justin Bieber Was ‘Very Persistent’ To Get Close To Miranda Kerr

After Orlando took a swing at Justin, the “Boyfriend” singer teased the actor by saying, “Say hi to Miranda for me” and “she was good.” Justin continued to taunt the idea of hooking up to Miranda in Orlando’s face by posting a sexy bikini pic of the Victoria’s Secret model on his Instagram before deleting. Since the incident, Miranda is “very embarrassed” about the entire situation.

Justin used his flirty night with Miranda to insult Orlando, but did anything actually happen between the two? 

“Since their already infamous hang out, Bieber has tried to reach out to Kerr several times,” a source told E! News, “but she didn’t entertain his attempts at maintaining steady contact—they texted a bit here and there.”

Being the ultimate ladies man, Justin wasn’t going to give up that easily with Miranda. “He was very persistent,” the source continued. 

At the time of the fashion show, Miranda was still married to Orlando. After the very public flirting with Justin, Orlando was disgusted with Miranda and couldn’t look at her the same. Less than a year later, the couple separated. Miranda’s lawyer maintains that nothing happened between her and Justin beyond what we saw at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Orlando Bloom: Justin Bieber ‘Doesn’t Respect Women’

One of the main reasons Orlando tried to punch Justin was the fact that he doesn’t believe Justin respects women. Even though he is usually not a “violent person,” HollywoodLife.com learned exclusively that Orlando wasn’t going to stand for Justin’s behavior with the ladies.

“Orlando is not a violent person,” our source reveals to HollywoodLife.com. “In fact, he’s all about promoting peace. However, he will not tolerate a person, Justin Bieber included, who doesn’t respect women. He thinks Justin needs to be put in his place and Orlando is well aware that Justin has badmouthed him before.”

Justin’s “badmouthing” comes from Orlando’s relationship with Miranda and Orlando hanging out with Justin’s own ex, Selena Gomez, 22, at the We Day California event in March 2014.

Oh, what a tangled web these celebs weave.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think about this recent revelation about Justin’s “persistent” nature toward Miranda? Is that what instigated Orlando’s punch at Justin? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson

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