‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Aria Turns Against Hanna

One of the Liars turned against their own in the July 29 episode of 'Pretty Little Liars.' Plus, what terrible awful thing did Ali do?! The drama got crazier and more twisted on the July 29 episode of Pretty Little Liars. Aria (Lucy Hale) turned against Hanna (Ashley Benson), Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) had a close run-in with death, Toby (Keegan Allen) made a huge decision and one of the Liars completely lost their mind!

Pretty Little Liars Recap Aria Turns Against Hanna
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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Choked Up

Who knew the Liars were in chorus class?! The exact class name was “Language Lab,” but it’s the same thing. Ali couldn’t participate because Det. Tanner (Roma Maffia) was grilling her about Shana. Thankfully, she was saved by the bell.

After they finished “What Child Is This,” the Liars congregated for a meeting. Aria called Hanna out for blabbing about New York and Ali (Sasha Pieterse) realized that Det. Tanner wasn’t believing any of her story. In one of the music sheets, “A” had circled all the A notes and sent a dire message to Ali. “Glad to hear you singing. The last time you were all choked up.” (Gulp). 

Emily said they were all supposed to support Ali’s story and not repeat it, which was directly aimed at Hanna. Spencer wanted to talk about everything at lunch, but Hanna had other plans. By that, she meant Caleb (Tyler Blackburn).

Meanwhile, Aria’s mom (Holly Marie Combs) was gearing up for her wedding. Ella wanted to have breakfast to discuss Aria’s role in the wedding. She wanted Aria to be her maid of honor! Ella had booked an appointment at the bridal shop, but Aria blew her off for Radley. Someone’s already not being a great maid of honor. 

Emily and Sydney (Chloe Bridges) talked it up in the locker room. Sydney accidentally broke the news that Emily was voted the new assistant coach. Emily wasn’t as excited as Sydney expected. Anyone else think this is all part of “A’s” master plan? I know Emily is a really good swimmer, but it all happened at a very opportune time.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Someone Call The Police…Or Toby

Caleb was going to show up for lunch, but slept in, much to Hanna’s dismay. Ali showed up with water, but no food. Hanna apologized for her “A”-ttitude at Emily’s dinner. Ali’s timing was impeccable as she asked to crash at Hanna’s since her dad was out of town. Pity party number one of the night for Ali.

Spencer and Toby mulled over Bethany’s horrific drawings. Spencer knew this was tough for Toby, considering his past with Radley. Toby revealed that he had enrolled at the Harrisburg Police Academy and Spencer didn’t exactly have the best reaction. Toby was straight-up done with feeling unprotected in Rosewood. He was so cute and sexy when he talked about it. He was angry about his house and the shady cops and wanted to step up to be a hero.

Let’s all just note this fact: Toby is going to make one hot cop.

Over at Radley, Aria was looking for Eddie. However, Eddie had left the building — for good. Aria couldn’t back down from Rhonda because she desperately needed more info about Bethany. But it was going to cost Aria.

Ali’s second pity party commenced at Hanna’s house. She made Hanna’s mom feel so badly for her. Hanna’s mom told her to relax and take a hot bath with her bath salts. She was astounded that Ali had stayed so strong despite everything. (Really? Seriously?) Hanna’s mom was planning dinner, but Hanna was going to bounce. Not only to hang out with Caleb, but because she was super pissed about those bath salts.

Turns out, all Rhonda wanted was a bag of cheetos and soda. Good choice. She spilled all about Bethany. Someone aka Mrs. D. had signed her out multiple times to take her to the circus and to her horse named Custard. A nurse caught them before she could reveal more, partially because Rhonda was a diabetic and the nurse freaked.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: A Most Unwanted Touch

Hanna went straight to Caleb to complain about Ali. Caleb asked Hanna to run away with him. (SWOON!) Hanna was too busy drankin’ to really let the idea sink in.

Sydney stopped by Emily’s to plead with her to take on the assistant coaching position. However, Sydney let it slip about New York and Emily discovered that Sydney was hiding something.

Drunk Hanna got hungry and hit up The Brew. Zack offered to cook her up a tuna sandwich, with a side of heavy flirting. As she left, he definitely put his hand on her backside, which only CALEB should be allowed to touch. This turned Hanna off and she left feeling violated. At Caleb’s, Hanna’s started worrying about her skirt length, but Caleb settled the question with a sexy makeout session.

The next day, Hanna skipped language lab, but walked in hungover after class. She was so hungover that she had a crispy treat in her hair. She started complaining about having Alison as a roommate and she spilled about the weird moment with Zack. Spencer and Emily were a little hesitant about Hanna’s story, considering her current state and the fact that Ella was about to MARRY Zack.

Ali didn’t bother to show up to school because someone was spying on her. She told Hanna’s mom that someone tried to break in her window and she slept in the closet. Hanna’s mom comforted her and even took the day off!

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Hanna’s Got 99 Problems & Aria Not Believing Her Is One Of Them

Spencer and Emily checked out the horse stable to find out more about Bethany. Apparently, Bethany threw a fit and a bucket at Mrs. D after trying to bribe her.

Hanna was still creeped out by her run-in with Zack. Zack took a seat in her car to talk. He was totally into the idea of hooking up with Hanna. He wrote his number down and told her to hit him up. Um, no. Then, he put his hand on her leg. Super no.

Hanna’s mom was closing up for the night when she saw the front door and window were open. THERE WAS A MAN IN THE HOUSE WITH A KNIFE. Ali and Hanna’s mom were scared to the max. However, he bolted once Hanna’s mom dialed 911.

Hanna headed to Aria’s soaking wet to tell her about Zack. She confessed that Zack wanted to hook up with her. Aria didn’t go for it. “You’re the problem, Hanna.” she screamed. “You’re always the problem.” Aria didn’t believe a word of Hanna’s story and wasn’t going to let her self-destruct and bring her mom down too.

At the stables, Spencer discovered Melissa’s riding helmet, causing Spencer to want to dig some more. She got that opportunity when someone locked them in the stall! The horse in the next stall over was freaking out and even hit Spencer as they tried to escape!

Later, Toby stopped by Spencer’s to check on her. “I’m really tired about feeling like this,” he said.

“Like what?” Spencer replied.

“Powerless.” he said.

Commence Toby the Cop…NOW!

Spencer apologized for dissing Toby’s decision to join the police force. Considering the recent turn of events, she was all for it.

After Hanna’s revealed about Zack getting a little close to her, Aria watched Zach like a hawk. Is she starting to believe Hanna?

Ali packed up a few extra things at her house to take to Hanna’s. Spencer and Emily were freaking out about the break-in, but there was no reason to worry. Ali had NOEL KAHN break in Hanna’s house! “I needed someone who mattered,” Ali said about Hanna’s mom.

Ali is absolutely whack. She has literally lost her mind.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s Pretty Little Liars? Can you believe Aria didn’t believe Hanna about Zach? How terrible is Ali? How hot is Toby going to be as a cop? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson

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