‘Big Brother’: Derrick’s Grandpa Dies Days After Frankie Grande’s Grandpa

Wow, this is so devastating. Just days after Frankie Grande found out his grandpa died while he was in the 'Big Brother' house, Derrick Lavasseur has learned the EXACT same sad news. With producers breaking the show's 'no outside communication' rule twice already this season, will this affect the show? The 16th season of Big Brother is quickly turning into the most shocking season ever -- and not in a good way. First, Frankie Grande found out his beloved grandfather passed away on July 23 through a note from the show's producers. And now in an eerie deja vu moment, contestant Derrick Lavasseur found out during the July 26 Big Brother live feed that his grandpa has passed away, too. Is the house cursed? Read on for all the details.

Big Brother Derrick Lavasseur Grandpa Dies
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‘Big Brother’: Derrick Lavasseur’s Grandpa Dies Days After Frankie Grande Learns Same News

Poor Derrick. During the live feed (which is a 24/7 feed from the show for fans to watch) on July 26, he was handed a note by the show’s producers to inform him that his grandpa had died. 

Just one day before finding out about his OWN grandpa’s passing, Derrick bravely threw the “Head of Household” competition so his cast-mate Frankie could win. Why? Because if Frankie won, he got to see photos of his grandpa, who passed away on July 22. 

After finding out the devastating news, Derrick went to Frankie to openly talk about the death, according to TMZ. Derrick admitted that he wasn’t as close with his family, so he wouldn’t leave the Big Brother house for the funeral.

Big Brother contestants are famously kept closed off from the world. They don’t have TV, internet or phones! But, with Derrick’s grandpa’s death — and the note that followed to inform him of it — this marks the second time this season that producers have stepped in to break the “no outside communication” rule. The first was with Frankie.

Our thoughts are with Derrick and his family as they mourn this loss.

Frankie Grande Reads Letter About His Grandfather’s Death

During the live stream of the Big Brother After Dark on July 23, Frankie went into the HOH room to read a letter from his mother about his late grandpaFrank Grande. In a tearful and brave display in front of the house cameras, Frankie said: “Today has been probably one of the most difficult days in my entire life,” then started reading the letter.

In the letter, Frankie’s mom wrote that his grandpa “wanted you to know how proud he is of you and that he was routing for you to win. Even though he had no idea what was going on in the show, he was watching just for you — live feeds for all. He also insisted that whatever happened, he didn’t want to interfere with this opportunity for you.”

How very sad. Will YOU be watching Big Brother tonight, HollywoodLifers? Let us know.

— Megan Ross

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