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Boy, 11, Saved Sexual Abuser’s Life By Begging Father Not To Kill Him

Tue, July 22, 2014 12:40pm EDT by Lauren Cox 12 Comments

When an unsuspecting father walked into his home and discovered a teenage boy allegedly performing a sexual act on his son, 11, he ‘snapped.’ Now, the father has revealed he nearly killed the teenager in a fit of rage — but it was son, the victim, who begged him to stop.

Jason Browning, 35, never expected to walk in on his own 11-year-old being sexually abused. When it happened, the man violently attacked his son’s alleged abuser — leaving Raymond Frolander, 18, bloodied and bruised from head-to-toe.

Boy Saved Attacker’s Life When Father Tried To Kill Him

This is a shocking turn of events in a very bizarre and sad case.

The father who attacked his son’s alleged abuser on Friday, July 18, inside his family home in Daytona Beach, Florida, has confessed that he had every intention of killing the teenager.

“I was going to kill him,” Jason told ABC Action News outside of a courthouse on Monday, July 21 following Raymond’s first court appearance.

“My son is the one who stepped in front of me and stopped me. My son saved his attackers life, so who’s really the hero in this situation?”

Jason has admitted that after he punched and kicked Raymond until he was unconscious, he went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. When he returned, that’s when his son stood in his way and begged his father not to kill Raymond.

The angry father dragged Raymond into the living room before calling 911. During the call, he explained that he had found Raymond allegedly sexually assaulting his son, and he confessed to beating the teenager into a bloody pulp. Police did not charge Jason for his violent outburst.

Jason Was Engaged To Raymond’s Mother

As more information about this case is revealed, we have learned exactly how Raymond and Jason’s son knew each other.

Raymond’s connection to Jason’s family is through a tangled web. Police told the Daily Mail that they believe Raymond lived in the house next door, with the boy’s biological mother. They also believe that Jason is engaged to Raymond’s stepmother.

Jason told investigators that it was not unusual for the boys to spend time together, especially due to their connected families. Sadly, now the father is left to wonder what was going on behind closed doors inside of his own home for three years.

— Lauren Cox

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