Justin Bieber Calls Fan A ‘Bitch’ For Taking Pics — What’s Going On?

Before Justin allegedly tried stealing a woman's cell phone at Sherman Oaks Castle Park, he reportedly called out a fan for taking pics of him while horseback riding, and called her a 'bi--h.' It sounds like Justin Bieber is going from women loving him to women bashing him. On May 12, Justin went horseback riding (shirtless) at Circle K Stables in Burbank, Cali. and when a fan tried taking a pic of him, he called her "that bi--h over there." This occurred the same day that Justin allegedly went into a woman's purse and stole her phone after she took pics of him at a mini-golf course. His recent events have really got people wondered what's going on with him!

Justin Bieber Calls Fan Bitch
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Justin Bieber Calls Fan A ‘Bitch’

Melinda Giel-Murray, a fan of Justin, was riding her horse at the stables when Justin arrived. Of course, she pulled her camera out, but he reportedly freaked out, she told TMZ. In the video filmed, the site says you can hear Justin say “that b–ch over there,” pointing to Melinda. However in their footage, it’s not audible.

Melinda explained that his security guards surrounded her, trying to intimidate her, but she told them there was no law against taking pictures.

Justin was acting “very strange and nervous,” she said. However, a source close to Justin told HollywoodLife.com that this actually didn’t happen.

Justin’s Strange Behavior — What’s Going On?

Of course the report makes us wonder what’s going on with Justin, since he’s currently under investigation for alleged robbery — that happened the same day as the reported horseback riding incident. At a mini-golf course in Sherman Oaks Castle Park, a woman pulled her phone out when she saw Justin and his friends. When he spotted her, he demanded her to give him her phone and she refused.

According to TMZ, he went into her purse, took out her phone and forced her to unlock it to prove to him she didn’t snap any shots. She did, and explained that her 13-year-old daughter who was by her side just wanted to say hi. “You’re humiliating yourself in front of your daughter. Why don’t you just get out of here,” he allegedly responded, causing the daughter to start crying. The woman filed an official complaint and apparently LAPD are determining whether or not to launch a full investigation.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Should Justin try and lay low for a while? Or do you think he’s acting just fine? Let us know.

— Emily Longeretta

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