Blake Bortles’ Girlfriend & Kacie McDonnell Take Sexy NFL Draft Selfie — Pic

Lindsey Duke, the girlfriend of star (now) NFL quarterback Blake Bortles, is turning heads again, and this time she is getting a little help from her equally hot friend Kacie McDonnell. The two snapped a sexy selfie at an NFL Draft gala on May 8 and the country can't stop talking about it. Lindsey Duke, 21, and Kacie McDonnell, 22, stole the show at an NFL Draft gala in New York City on May 8. The two snapped a beautiful selfie that has everyone talking about them and not the actual Draft. Both ladies are girlfriends of star college quarterbacks, Lindsey's was just drafted to the Jacksonville Jaguars (Blake Bortles), and Kacie's boyfriend (Aarron Murray) was the star QB at the University of Georgia but has yet to be drafted.

Lindsey Duke Kacie McDonnell Pic
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Blake Bortles’ Girlfriend & Kacie McDonnell Take Sexy NFL Draft Selfie

Blake finally realized his dream of being drafted to play in the NFL but more people were talking about his girlfriend Lindsey than him. 


While Lindsey and Kacie waited for their men to become NFL quartbacks during the first night of the NFL draft, a selfie was taken, and the internet ignited.

Lindsey wore a simple white top and black pants while Kacie wore a blue and white dress. Both wore simple tasteful clothing that didn’t reveal too much, but when you mix sports and beautiful women together it creates a firestorm of conversation.

Blake’s Girlfriend & Kacie Take Sexy NFL Draft Pic

The conversation over Lindsey started in February when Blake admitted on The Dan Patrick Show, that he was asked numerous questions about Lindsey by various NFL teams.

Lindsey, who met Blake when the two were students at the University of Central Florida, has been making headlines ever since. 

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