‘Basketball Wives LA’: Brandi Maxiell Speaks Out On Sundy Carter

'Basketball Wives LA' is giving 'RHOA' a run for their money! The season finale brought on a huge cat fight with Sundy Carter serving up a low blow to Brandi Maxiell and she's not standing for it! Brandi spoke EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife.com and she has some fighting words for Sundy! Hasn't Brandi Maxiell suffered enough? The Basketball Wives LA star, 30, is a cancer survivor who's already dealt with nasty rumors that cast mate Sundy Carter spread about her marriage. On the April 21 season finale, Sundy struck Brandi with the nastiest insult of all — she attacked her health. Keep reading for Brandi's revealing reaction!

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Brandi Maxiell Slams Sundy Carter After ‘Basketball Wives LA’ Finale

The Basketball Wives LA finale brought on a major showdown, thanks to Sundy Carter‘s uncalled for low blows. Sundy, who has been known to attack her cast members’ family and children, spread a nasty rumor about Brandi in the past, saying that her husband, NBA player Jason Maxiell had an affair. Brandi told HollywoodLife.com that not only is that not true, but that Sundy is the lowest of the low.

“Sundy did more than just tweet about an untrue affair,” Brandi told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “She spoke very ill about my health and my family — not once, but twice. She also spoke badly about another cast member’s son. I forgive very easily and normally let go of things easily, however, I don’t respect creatures like her and have no plans of ever being her friend.”

Sundy Carter Makes Fun Of Brandi’s Health After She Battles Cancer

We don’t blame Brandi for hating on Sundy. She is nasty!

The final April 21 episode followed Sundy as she yelled at Brandi, making fun of her health and trouble to have children. “Go try to make a baby. I have three,” screaming Sundy, mocking Brandi who has been vocal about her trouble to conceive, after battling ovarian cancer. Sundy added, “You want to talk about vagina? Mine works. I don’t have to get the shots.”

The shots Sundy are referring to are invitro fertilization shots, which Brandi will undergo to try for her second child. The mother of one (she calls him her “miracle baby”) EXCLUSIVELY told us, “I pray that I’m able to have my second.”

On the episode, Basketball Wives LA star Malaysia called out Sundy for being a “below-the-belt fighter,” and Brandi fired back at Sundy, too. “I can’t stop and prevent cancer, but you know what? You can control being a whore…It’s a choice…Close your legs.” Ouch!

petition has since been started to get Sundy off of the show.

Brandi Stands Up To Cancer

“I chose to join Basketball Wives LA in order to help bring awareness to ovarian cancer, especially the younger generation, since I was affected at such a young age,” Brandi tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Cancer is a heartless disease that has impacted such a large number of people in our world [so] I find it hard to believe that she would even open her mouth to say anything negative regarding this disease.”

Is there any making up for these frenemies? “Do I forgive her? Absolutely not!” slams Brandi. “Sundy is a disgrace of a person who has a heart of darkness!”

HollywoodLifers, were you shocked by Sundy’s comments? Do you think that she should be fired from Basketball Wives LA? Do you think Brandi is an inspiration? Let us know!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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