‘Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Elena & Stefan’s Reunion Is A Perfect Fantasy

While Damon couldn't stop thinking about Elena, Elena couldn't stop daydreaming about Stefan -- and it was mutual. But contrary to what we've been told, it's not because the doppelgängers are meant to be together. With Markos (Raffi Barsoumian) in town, it was no secret that Mystic Falls would be turned upside down. While the Travelers slowly but surely began taking over the bodies of the innocent people of the town, it became a game of 'Who can you trust?' . . . and everyone was fooled.

Elena Dreams Stefan
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Stefan & Elena, Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore?

Since Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) are the last doppelgänger pair, the universe seems to be pulling them together — and pulling them closer to the Travelers. They’re both having romantic visions of each other living in an amazing world. It was an absolutely perfect deception of what a married Stefan and Elena would be like — super romantic, adorable parents, and Elena’s parents were still alive.

And by the “universe” pulling them together, I mean Markos. Yes, the head of the Travelers needs them to be together but it’s not because they belong together. No, that’s just a lie that was made up over a thousand years ago because it’s easy for people to believe in love. It’s actually because  of a spell that Markos cast 1500 years ago because he needs the doppelgänger’s blood — and we’re not yet aware of what he needs it for.

Damon & Elena: They’ll Never Be Friends

In order to stop the visions — something that Damon (Ian Somerhalder) wanted desperately to do — he would need to find Markos. Moving on from Elena was hard enough without her having fantasy dreams about Stefan.

So he got to Markos and convinced him to stop the dreams and since he now knew where the doppelgängers were, he agreed.

So, this means that Damon and Elena can be friends now? Well, not so fast. Stelena patched up any awkwardness from their fantasy dreams and basically had an adorable BFF-only moment, and Stefan made a good point — exes could either be in love or be friends, not both. So of course, his brother agreed, and Damon told Elena he couldn’t see her or even speak to her at all in order to move on. (Of course, we see them talking in the preview for next week so, so much for that, Damon!)

The Other Side Gets Even More Creepy

Meanwhile, on the other side, it’s not going so well.

It’s a bad sign when the witches are scared. Grams (Jasmine Guy) returned to tell Bonnie (Kat Graham) that something’s not right on the other side — and that’s because the Travelers are there and taking over the town’s minds. They started with Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre), who was the first to be taken over and of course, took it upon herself to kill Matt (Zach Roerig). Not to worry though, as per usual Matt’s death was only temporary — just long enough for him to go to the other side and see — wait for it — Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic)! Apparently he was more excited to see his sister, Vick (Kayla Ewell)  . . . ok, he had a right to be excited.

When it was time for Matt to return to the living side, he had a Titanic moment and told Vick he would never let her go — and then had to, and he lost his sister all over again. But she didn’t go quietly, wherever she went. And somehow, Matt remembered it all when he returned, giving everyone the chance to wonder what the heck was going on over there.

“Tyler” Appreciates His New Body

As for the Sheriff, Tyler (Michael Trevino) came to Caroline (Candice Accola)’s aid to check up on her, and figured out that she was possessed — so he stabbed her with the Traveler knife to get the passenger out. And out it came — and into Tyler it went.

The worst part is that no one has any idea, since he promised Caroline at the end he would take care of it all — something a normal Tyler would do. Then he gave the last Traveler knife to Markos, and complimented on how great his new body was (which it obviously is), but Markos reminded him that after they take over the town, the body will be gone, leaving us to wonder what’s going to happen to poor Tyler.

So, that’s that — basically everything that we’ve thought was true isn’t and our hearts are a little torn. That fake Stelena was so sweet but reminded Elena what she’ll never have. And now she doesn’t have Damon either. Well, until next week at least. What did you think of the episode, HollywoodLifers?

— Emily Longeretta

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