‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Jenelle Finds Out She Is Finally Pregnant Again

On the April 1 episode of 'Teen Mom 2,' Jenelle Evans finds out that she is pregnant again, while Leah Messer's daughter makes progress with her wheelchair training. Meanwhile, Kailyn gets a surprise phone call while preparing to give birth again, and Chelsea gets served with more court papers from Aubree's father. It's another emotional episode of Teen Mom 2 as Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry both get exciting surprises, while Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska face hardships with their children.

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Jenelle Evans Is Pregnant For The Third Time

Jenelle is finally pregnant! Her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, is so excited he looks like he might burst. But first, he makes sure Jenelle is 100% positive she wants to keep their baby. Not only does Jenelle want the baby, but she thinks having a baby will bring her and Nathan closer. It’s not exactly the best reason to have one, but the two of them are so happy it’s hard not to be excited for them. Once Nathan is sure Jenelle is happy about her pregnancy, he throws her up in the air and chants: We’re having a baby! It’s pretty adorable.

Jenelle waits to tell her mom, Barbara Evans, about the pregnancy news, because she wants to get it confirmed by a doctor first. Nathan accompanies Jenelle to a sonogram, and the baby is healthy and happy inside Jenelle’s womb. Nathan is smiling from ear-to-ear, and Jenelle gets a print out of the sonogram.

Now that Jenelle has proof of her pregnancy, she stops at her mom Barbara’s house to visit with her and Jace. Barbara tells Jenelle that Jace has been acting out a lot lately, and that she keeps having to put him out. Jenelle doesn’t really seem interested though, and instead she just tells Barbara that she’s pregnant again. Barbara asks if she’s happy about this pregnancy, which she admits she is. Barbara is also, and understandably, concerned that if Jenelle and Nathan don’t work out that she’ll end up taking care of a second baby. Jenelle promises that no matter what, she wants to raise this baby as her own, unlike Jace.

Later that night, Jenelle goes into Jace’s room to show him the sonogram picture. She tells him that he’s going to be a big brother, and he immediately asks if he’ll be able to hold his little brother or sister when they get here. Jenelle says of course he can! It’s a really sweet moment between these two, especially when Jace says he is going to teach his little brother or sister how to do “everything.”

After Jenelle goes to bed, she tells Barbara that she wants to have a baby girl. Barbara also wants a girl, and once they start talking about names they both seem pretty excited about the second baby. Though Barbara made sure to lay down the law first, it’s nice to see that she’s excited about her second grandchild.

Now that Jenelle and Nathan have told everyone about their exciting news, they spend an afternoon together to talk about their relationship and how having a baby will affect it. As usual, the discussion results in an argument. Jenelle tells Nathan that he tries too hard to be perfect, but he tries to explain that he does it because he wants to be perfect. If he works hard enough, maybe he will achieve it. Hopefully these two work on their major communication issues before the baby arrives.

Leah Messer & Jeremy Calvert Are Headed For Divorce

Leah is having a hard time taking care of three kids — Ali, Aleeah, and Adalynn — while her husband Jeremy Calvert is away at work again. The stress is definitely taking it’s toll on her, and it’s pretty evident when she starts screaming at her kids in the truck while she’s driving.

It’s finally time for Ali to get her first wheelchair, and the therapist shows Leah how little Ali is learning how to use it safely. Apparently, she’s been taking lessons riding in the mobility device. Leah is very apprehensive about the decision to let Ali be in a wheelchair so early, but once she sees how much fun Ali has driving it she can’t help but be happy for her. Leah says that all she’s ever wanted is for Ali to be free, and now she is.

Corey Simms wasn’t able to come to the wheelchair practice, so Leah gives him an update when she drops off the girls for a visit. Corey is happy to hear that Ali is doing well with her therapy, but he’s still concerned that Ali’s health will deteriorate if she “gets used” to using the wheelchair. His concerns are definitely relevant, but he is definitely adjusting to the changes much better than before.

While Corey has the girls, Leah goes out to eat with her mom, Dawn. This is Leah’s chance to tell her mom about Ali’s wheelchair progress, and also vent about her troubles with Jeremy. Leah admits she just wants him to be her husband and communicate with her, because she hasn’t really heard from him since he left for work.

Later, while talking to her friend on the phone, Leah admits her frustrations with Jeremy being away. Jeremy doesn’t call and stay in touch while he’s away at work, and he even threatens to file for divorce. Leah is devastated about it, but she refuses to make the same mistake twice. During the phone call she admits that she is disappointed in herself while breaking down in tears.

Hopefully Leah and Jeremy work things out, because seeing Leah so upset is heartbreaking.

Kailyn Lowry Reconnects With Someone From Her Past

On the previous episode of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn and Javi Marroquin finally had their big wedding for friends and family. Even though they can’t take a real honeymoon, Javi’s family takes Isaac for a night so that the newlyweds can have relax and have some privacy. Kailyn admits that she was hoping her mom could see her wedding in some capacity, but she’s still glad she wasn’t there. Javi makes sure Kailyn knows that she should be proud of herself, and it’s clear that she is. Kailyn also admits that she’s nervous about having a newborn with a toddler, but Javi thinks they are going to be just fine.

Once the couple gets back home, it’s time for Isaac to go visit his dad, Jo Rivera. Since Kailyn is so pregnant, she can’t sit in the car for the two hour ride to Jo’s house, so Javi is taking Isaac to Jo’s. Kailyn thinks it’s going to be awkward, but it’s the opposite. Jo doesn’t seem bothered by Javi, and neither does his family. It’s nice to see that everyone is really working on their co-parenting, especially for Isaac.

Later, when Javi gets home, Kailyn has big news for him. Her mom called! It’s no secret that Kailyn’s relationship with her mom is strained, for lack of a better word, so it’s surprising that she would hear from her now. Kailyn reveals that her mom wants to stay with them for a while, but she doesn’t know why. Javi asks a bunch of questions about her mom’s unplanned visit, but Kailyn doesn’t really have any of the answers. It’s very suspicious, and even I’m wondering what Kailyn’s mom’s motive is.

After talking to Javi about it, Kailyn calls her mom and tells her that she can come and visit. When Kailyn asks how long she wants to stay, her mom says she wants to stay as long as Kailyn needs her to be there. Kailyn admits that she is apprehensive about the visit, because if she doesn’t come that she is scared they won’t talk again for another year. Her mom reassures her that they are taking a different route this time, and that she will be there for Kailyn no matter what. Kailyn gets emotional, but she seems really happy to hear her mom say so many nice things for once. Maybe she really is trying to make amends.

Chelsea Houska Gets Served Again

Without delay, Chelsea is served with court papers over Aubree‘s custody from her ex, Adam Lind. Chelsea calls her dad Randy Houska immediately, and she admits she wished the whole thing had “gone away” just because she had not heard anything about it in so long. Um, way to be realistic, Chelsea.

Randy tells Chelsea he is going to get a lawyer and they are going to have to duke out the custody battle in court.

When Chelsea goes to pick Aubree up from daycare, she has a MAJOR temper tantrum. First, Aubree doesn’t want to leave daycare, so Chelsea has to pick her up while she is screaming and crying and put her in the car. Once they get into the car, the tantrum gets much, much worse, and Aubree continues screaming while refusing to get in her car seat. Chelsea eventually calls her dad because she doesn’t know what else to do, but it doesn’t help much. Finally, after an exhausting battle with the angry toddler, Chelsea finally gets her strapped into her car seat.

Later, Chelsea meets up with her friend Chelsey for fro-yo with Aubree. Chelsea explains the papers she received from Adam, stating that he is fighting for set visitation dates. Chelsea admits that she hates it because she doesn’t like not having control. Adam has been threatening to fight Chelsea for custody since Aubree was born, and he’s finally mature and grown up enough to go through with it, which is why Chelsea is terrified.

Finally, Chelsea and Randy meet with their lawyer about the custody battle with Adam. They even come to an agreement where Aubree goes to Adam’s parents house every two weeks, which is when he can visit with her. If the visitation agreement goes smoothly for three months, then they may have to go to court to come to a better agreement. Thankfully, the conversation takes an exciting turn when Chelsea starts talking about her new aesthetician job.

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