‘Switched At Birth’ Spring Finale: Who Is Emmett’s Girlfriend?

'Switched At Birth' hit its spring season finale tonight, and brought answers to many questionable romances. Does Bay figure out who Emmett's girlfriend really is? Does Toby try to win back Nikki? And what about Daphne's love triangle? Bay goes on a mission to find the truth behind Emmett's new girlfriend on the Switched At Birth spring finale tonight, March 24, and Daphne runs into some major trouble at the clinic — and it's not just concerning Campbell and Jorge. Keep reading to find out all of the Season 3 cliffhangers!

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Bay And Emmett Fight Over Mandy

The episode begins with Daphne (Katie Leclerc) and Campbell (RJ Mitte) getting caught making out in a closet at the clinic! Uh oh! But that’s the least of the problems in Switched At Birth‘s Season 3 spring finale. Except, of course, Daphne was caught by none other than Jorge (David Castaneda). Love triangle alert!

Bay immediately expresses her concern for Emmett (Sean Berdy) — specifically, his new girlfriend, Mandy. Bay is suspicious of Mandy’s existence, to say the least, since Emmett met her online and has yet to met her.

“You can’t stand that I’m happy with someone else,” proclaims an angry Emmett. “You have to sabotage it.”

Bay, who we all know has lingering feelings for Emmett, tries to express her concern, proving that she’s not sabotaging him. “I care about you,” she says. “I don’t want to see you get hurt.” When she calls out Emmett for never even meeting Miss Mandy, he admits that he will be meeting her the next day. Bay is taken aback by this news and Emmett tells her to stay out of his business. This is not an ideal way to start the end of Switched At Birth‘s spring episodes!

Bay Digs For The Truth Behind Emmett’s Girlfriend

After her tiff with Emmett, Bay consults Tank (Max Adler) in class for his advice on finding out the truth behind Mandy. Tank offers to help Bay, agreeing that Emmett’s new lady friend sounds suspicious.

After class, Tank and Bay get together and search for Mandy online. Turns out, “Mandy” might be “Jennifer” — the photos online of the high school cheerleader are matched up with an identity that is far from Mandy’s.

Tank and Bay head over to “Mandy’s (or is it Jennifer’s?) cheerleading practice to get the truth. But while they’re staking out, Bay gets into an argument with Tank and he runs off, accusing Bay of using him to stalk her ex-boyfriend aka Emmett.

Keeping her mind on the matter, Bay sticks to her mission and asks a random cheerleader if she’s Mandy via sign language. She freaks out the student who questions why she signing to her (“this is getting a little creepy”), but turns out, the random chick ends up helping her — her cousin is deaf and might just be the one who Emmett’s fallen head-over-heels for. Or so we think!

Daphne Runs Into An Unexpected Old Foe

Forget about the boy trouble. Daphne spots a very scary, unexpected visitor in the elevator at the clinic. Turns out, the guy is a drug addict patient who attacked Daphne in the past. Daphne, rightfully so, is shaken up by his appearance and calls to Campbell and Jorge for help.

Jorge and Campbell both console her, but when Jorge says that he has to treat him just like any other patient — despite Daphne’s scarring memories — Daphne immediately jumps to the conclusion that he’s out to get her because she’s been involved with Campbell, which prompts Jorge to tell her that she may not be fit for medicine because doctors can’t take personal matters to work. But we wonder if Jorge’s personal matters are causing him to be insensitive to Daphne’s fears.

Daphne has a heart-to-heart with Angelo (Gilles Martini), expressing her fears from her run-in at the clinic. She begs him for a job at the restaurant, and while he tries to convince her to stick with her hard work and love for medicine, she insists that she doesn’t have the strength to even think about operating on bad people like murderers and drug addicts. Angelo offers her a job at his restaurant.

Daphne isn’t the only one who’s having employment troubles. Regina (Constance Marie) lost her job, causing a major fight between her and Angelo. “I am not getting my job back, ” she says. “End of story.”

Toby Is Blinded By Love

Toby (Lucas Grabeel) is completely distraught over Nikki so his dad offers for him to move back home. However, the second that he returns to his parents’ abode, he jolts into the decision to grab his passport and go fetch her in Peru. “I’m going to be her husband,” Toby exclaims. “I love Nikki!” His parents don’t seem too happy with his decision to remedy his relationship. “My son is running off to Peru to be with his child bride,” says his not-too-happy mommy dearest (Lea Thompson).

Daphne Overcomes Her Fears

Back at the clinic, Daphne runs into Jorge holding down her former attacker, who’s convulsing from major drug withdrawals. When Jorge tells Daphne to run and get someone for help, she overcomes her fears and steps up to the plate, helping Jorge treat the patient.

Jorge complimented Daphne for doing a great job, telling her that she’s going to be a great doctor. “I was so scared, but then something changed,” Daphne told Jorge. “I guess I just saw him, as a person.” So brave!

Daphne heads home to tell Regina that she’s no longer going to take the job at the restaurant because she’s sticking with her medical route. Regina is so proud of her, but then the two are put in the face of danger when a brick is thrown through a window and glass crashes everywhere. There’s a note on the brick, which is intended for Regina, and it reads: “Stay out of East Riverside.”

Emmett Falls For A Girl — And A Bad Prank

Emmett is so excited for finally meet “Mandy” at his planned picnic date, but when he opens the romantic picnic basket, he finds a dead fish, shocking him. Even more shocking? Matthew (Daniel Durant), who’s recently back from suspension, comes out from behind a tree with a phone, recording poor Emmett who’s fallen for the awful prank, telling him “I had you going for weeks. Don’t ever screw with me.”

The two guys get into fist fight, leaving a bloodied Emmett on the ground.

A few hours later, Bay finds the beaten up Emmett and consoles him that everything will be alright. “You are Emmett Bledsoe,” she says. “Everybody loves you.” In a horrible moment turned so sweet, Emmett asks Bay, “You too?” Bay is taken aback, telling him that he’s been chasing another girl (regardless if “she” was made up on the Internet).

Emily then tells Bay, “I kept trying to make what I had with her be what I had with you.” He continues, ” I just wanted to feel that again. What we had. But I don’t think I’m ever going to find that feeling with anyone else.”

Cue in the romantic music and teenage emotions! Bay admits that she’s never stopped loving Emmett and the two share a very sweet and passionate kiss. And a steamy hook up in the park. Seriously, clothes come off, you guys!

Talk about a happy ending!

HollywoodLifers, are you happy that Emmett and Bay are back together? Let us know what you thought about Switched At Birth tonight!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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