‘Vampire Diaries’: Katherine Says Her Final Goodbyes

Plus, when Elena wakes up, she's nothing like the girl we used to know.After we got past the "they don't know that we know that they know" parts of The Vampire Diaries, Stefan (Paul Wesley), Caroline (Candice Accola) and Matt (Zach Roerig) did everything in their power to lure Katherine (Nina Dobrev) into their house so that they could kill her once and for all to get Elena back. However -- for the first time ever -- Katherine's more focused on saving her daughter's life.

The Vampire Diaries Katherine Dies
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Katherine Cares About Her Daughter More Than Herself (Yes We’re Shocked, Too)

You read that right, Katherine Pierce actually cares about someone else. While Dr. Wes (Rick Cosnett) tried to come up with a cure for Nadia’s (Olga Fonda) hybrid bite — thanks a lot, Tyler (Michael Trevino) — Damon (Ian Somerhalder) isn’t about to sit back in the cellar and let everyone else try to save the woman he loves. So, in his usual Damon-self, he pisses Tyler off just enough to come into the cell and come close enough that he can attack him and get away.[hl_ndn videoid=”25526599″][hl_ndn videoid= “25518649”]

‘The Vampire Diaries’: Getting Rid Of Katherine Was A Necessary Evil

Unfortunately for Katherine, Dr. Wes didn’t get to complete a cure for Nadia — not before Damon got to him and ripped his heart out. Whoops. While that was going on, Nadia was kidnapped from the church Katherine was hiding her in (since when does Katherine do church?), and Stefan calls Katherine to let her know she can either leave town or come and say goodbye to her daughter —  for one last time. However, that would mean facing all the crew, and the knife that could take her life.

While Nadia was dying on Stefan and Damon’s couch, Matt proved once again he’s the perfect male species and took care of her, and even pretended to be Gregor, a man from her past that she betrayed — and he played along and forgave her. She continued to fade in and out, slowly dying — and even when Katherine came, she kept mistaking her. In an impressive, emotional cry out from Katherine, we saw her actually feel for her daughter and say a sweet goodbye.

Rest In Peace, Katherine Pierce

Once she pulled herself together, Katherine made a round around the room to say her goodbyes and we’ve got to say — it was kind of epic. She made a full circle — saying good bye to Tyler, reminding him that she “made him matter;” Caroline, whose life she improved by making her a vampire; Matt, who she considers “the best night” she never had; Jeremy, who she just called annoying; Damon, whose goodbye changed from “I’m sorry” to “I’m sorry that I gave your life purpose, passion, drive, [and] desire;” and Stefan, who she says she loves — and always will. They even share a sexy kiss — before he kills her.

Yes. Katherine’s dead. I think.

Of course Damon replies to her quips with “See you in hell,” but of that we’re not sure of. When she passes through Bonnie, something goes wrong — and she doesn’t fully cross over, but she is dead. I’m not quite sure, but maybe she’s in the in between. You know, all Lovely Bones style.

Yes, this means that Elena is awake and well now — ok, not exactly well. Katherine revealed to Bonnie at the last moment that if she couldn’t have Stefan, than no one could, especially not Elena. So, before she died, she injected herself with Dr. Wes’ needle — which means that now, Elena will be feeding off of vamps, too.

Did you catch all of that, HollywoodLifers? It’s okay, I had a hard time too. What did you think of the episode? Do you think Katherine will somehow return? Do you think Elena will be able to still be with Damon even though they both want to feed off of each other? Let me know!

— Emily Longeretta

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