Bruce Dern: Did Jim Carrey Diss Him At The Oscars?

Jim Carrey took a crack at actor Bruce Dern's performance in the film 'Nebraska' at the Oscars on March 2. Some liked his animated antics and some viewed it as a huge diss to Bruce. Jim Carrey, 52, had one job to do, present the award for best animation at the Oscars on March 2. In the process of making people laugh during the presentation Jim decided to take a crack at Oscar nominee Bruce Dern's performance in Nebraska. Some loved his antics and some didn't. Read below and tell us what you think.

Jim Carrey Bruce Dern Diss Oscars
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Bruce Dern: Did Jim Carrey Diss Him At The 86th Academy Awards?

Jim presented the award for Best Animation at the Oscars on March 2, but in the process he managed to take a crack at  Bruce, who is an Oscar nominee for his role in the film Nebraska. The veteran comedian took one of Bruce’s lines in the movie and directed it at him using the same tone as the aging actor did, playing the character Woody, in the film.

“You can’t keep a good man down can ya — Bruce?” Jim asked, imitating the grouchy old man character that Bruce plays in the film. “It doesn’t feel good to be on the other end of that does it Bruce?” Jim said mockingly.

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Bruce Dern Mocked By Jim Carrey At Oscars

Frozen ended up winning for best animation but most who watched Jim’s presentation will probably remember his jokes and antics more so than who actually won.

Bruce didn’t look like he cared too much. The camera took a close up of the veteran actor’s face and he was all smiles.

What do you think HollywoodLifers, did Jim Carrey step over the line — did he go to far in poking fun at Bruce? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

— Bryant Perkins

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