‘Teen Mom 2′ Recap: Jenelle Evans’ Abortion Has Shocking Aftermath

The Feb. 25 episode of 'Teen Mom 2' is an emotional one. Each of the moms find themselves dealing with personal issues, both new and old. Find out what happened here! The Teen Mom 2 girls are dealing with some crazy drama lately. On the Feb. 25 episode, Jenelle Evans' has a pregnancy scare, Leah Messer deals with her husband's health concerns, Kailyn Lowry finally makes progress in her custody case, and Chelsea Houska can't seem get over her ex.

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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Abortion
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Jenelle Evans’ Abortion Causes A False Pregnancy

When the Feb. 25 episode of Teen Mom 2 opens we get some surprising news from Jenelle Evans – she’s pregnant! It seems like just yesterday Jenelle and live-in boyfriend Nathan Griffith decided to try having a baby together, so how did she get pregnant so quickly?! Jenelle goes to see a doctor for confirmation and finds out that the test result may be a false positive caused by leftover hormones from her recent abortion, so she has to go for an ultrasound. During the ultrasound we find out that Jenelle’s uterus is empty, meaning she is definitely not pregnant. Though the couple are bummed to find out they aren’t expecting, Nathan quickly gets Jenelle laughing again by telling her they need to start practicing more. TMI or not, it’s a pretty sweet moment! Towards the end of the episode, Jenelle tells her mom Barbara Evans about her false pregnancy, and Barbara doesn’t keep it a secret that she’s relieved. Although she tries to explain to Jenelle why having a baby right now might not be a good idea, Jenelle does not want to listen.

Leah Messer Deals With Jeremy’s Health Scare

Leah’s husband Jeremy Calvert finally returns home after being away for work for nearly a month, but we find out that he was sent home because he fainted at work. Leah is very concerned about him passing out, and it’s just one more thing to add to her already full plate. On the other hand, it’s clear that Leah is thrilled that he is finally home after so long. Jeremy keeps getting headaches though, so Leah makes him a doctor’s appointment. Stress is high in the car ride to the doctor’s office though, and watching Leah and Jeremy argue back and forth is uncomfortable. The doctor runs a few different tests on Jeremy, and the end result is that he is suffering from stress. Jeremy has to take at least a week off of work to relax in order to improve his stress levels. Later, we get to see Leah enjoy a rare moment out with her friends. Instead of actually enjoying herself though, Leah vents to her friends about all of her issues with the girls and Jeremy’s recent scare. Hopefully she gets some real relaxation in soon!

Kailyn Lowry Gets Court Approval To Move With Isaac

Kailyn’s ex Jo Rivera asks for ten overnights a month with their son, Isaac, in exchange for allowing her to move out of state. Even though it’s only two more nights a month than he already has, Kailyn is hesitant to agree and instead offers him nine overnights because she wants to enroll Isaac in school part-time. Not surprisingly, the former couple can’t seem to make an agreement and Kailyn storms out of Jo’s house to call her husband Javi Marroquin and vent. The next time we see Kailyn is when she meets her lawyer for her hearing, which goes just the way she wanted to. The judge allows Kailyn to move Isaac out of state – which is great considering she already did – and also grants Jo nine overnights a month. Finally, some good news!

Chelsea Houska Celebrates Aubree’s 4th Birthday

While Aubree is celebrating her fourth birthday at pre-school, Chelsea tells her friend Chelsey that her ex Adam Lind welcomed his second daughter, Paisley, with his new girlfriend. For the first time this season, Chelsea opens up about how she feels like things are still flirty with Adam and she’s confused about what is going to happen to them. Chelsea is also struggling with how to let Aubree know that she has a new little sister, and how it will affect their family. Chelsea goes back to preparing for Aubree’s fourth birthday party and gets some help from her friends, Chelsey and Tiffany. The first thing Chelsea tells the girls is that Adam hasn’t reached out about Aubree’s birthday yet. Coincidentally enough, he text messages her during the conversation and makes plans to see Aubree that night. Aubree wants to hang out with her dad Adam when he leaves, but Chelsea STILL won’t allow it. Noticeably absent from Aubree’s birthday party the next day? Adam. Did Chelsea even invite him?!

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