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‘Black Sails’ Stars Promise Plenty Of Sex & Action In Season 1

The main players in Starz' 'Treasure Island' prequel give HollywoodLife.com a glimpse into the series' future -- and it's hot. First of all, Black Sails ain't your mama's pirate show. The new series, which premiered Jan. 24 on Starz, is far from the hokey, swashbuckle-y fare Hollywood has been feeding us for decades; it's sexy, it's intense and it's brutally faithful to the way these outlaws lived in the Golden Age of Piracy.

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Black Sails Season 1 Spoilers
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Three of the show’s stars — Zach McGowanHannah New and Jessica Parker Kennedy — recently stopped by HollywoodLife.com to offer up a taste of what we can expect from Michael Bay‘s epic pirate adventure, which has already been renewed for a second season.

‘There’s Romance, And Then There’s Sex’

OK, let’s start with the good stuff: Black Sails is nothing short of skin-tastic. All that time on the high seas tends to leave the show’s characters a little wound up — and what better way to unwind than to undress?

“There’s no shortage of romance, but not just romance,” Zach acknowledged. “Just like in real life, there’s romance, and then there’s sex. And it’s for everyone; no characters really get left out.”

Equal-opportunity sex for everybody? Pirates have all the fun!

“We’re presenting a world where sexual boundaries aren’t as rigid as they are in contemporary society,” Hannah explained. “Sexuality isn’t legislated the way it is today, so it’s exciting to play characters that are sexually and emotionally fluid. These characters’ sexual lives and political lives are very much intertwined.”

And for some characters, like Jessica’s Max, “sexuality is her main power.” As for the whole “fluid” aspect Hannah mentioned, you can expect to see both Eleanor and Max playing heavily into that.

‘This World Has A History’

In addition to the physical relationships between the characters, there’s an intense political story to enjoy — and Eleanor and Vane find themselves right in the middle of the action.

“Vane has to vie for Eleanor’s favor to ensure he’s getting the right price on the prizes he’s bringing in,” Hannah explained. “They have a lot of history; they’ve known each other for a great many years. It’s a relationship that’s not always easy to read.”

“When you come into the story, you get that this world has a history,” Zach added. “Some people know each other, and some people just know of each other. There’s a lot to explore with all these relationships.”

Viewers will also likely struggle to decide which pirate to root for. Hannah described the show as having a “gray scale with heroes and villains. You can’t say anyone is necessarily good or bad. It’ll challenge audiences to question where their morals lie on certain issues.”

HollywoodLifers, did you catch the series premiere of Black Sails? Drop a comment with your review of the new series below!

— Andy Swift

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