Jennifer Aniston’s Bisexual Love Scene In ‘Horrible Bosses 2’ Revealed

Jennifer Aniston's daring turn as a dentist with a sex addiction in 'Horrible Bosses' was equal parts hot and hilarious -- and it looks like her role in the sequel is going to be even more risqué! This time, Jen's character will seduce not only two men but also a woman -- and we've got the sexy script details to prove it! Jennifer Aniston, 44, certainly seems to be in her sexual prime! After playing a stripper in We're the Millers, the former Friend will be steaming up the big screen again as a sex addict in Horrible Bosses 2. In the film, Jen's character Julia proves that she always gets her man -- and her woman -- by bedding co-star Charlie Day and his on-screen wife in a racy bisexual love scene!

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Jennifer Aniston Sex Scene
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Jennifer Aniston’s Sex Scene — Star’s Bisexual Scene In ‘Horrible Bosses 2’

Jen’s character Julia spent most of Horrible Bosses trying to seduce her unwitting married assistant Dale, played by actor Charlie Day. In Horrible Bosses 2, she warms up by donning a revealing flight attendant costume and romancing Dale’s friend Nick, played by Jen’s real-life pal Jason Bateman, the UK’s Daily Mail reports after obtaining a copy of the script.

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After conquering Nick, Julia tries her luck with Dale again, telling him that his “c**k is like a trophy” that she wants on her mantle. He finally submits to her after she blackmails him, and he is plagued by guilt for cheating on his wife.

But it turns out Nick has nothing to worry about! In Julia’s final sexy scene, she and Nick’s wife are shown lovingly caressing each other and wearing satisfied smiles. It looks like Julia bedded Nick’s wife as well!

Jennifer Aniston Pregnancy Hoax: Jen Not Pregnant, Despite Facebook Announcement

After an “official” Jennifer Aniston Facebook page announced that the actress was pregnant with her first child on Jan. 20, fans wondered if they should send congratulations or call it all a hoax! Luckily, found out the truth.

Jen and fiancé Justin Theroux are more in love than ever, but they’re not expecting any additions to their family — at least not yet.

Jennifer is not pregnant, and the Facebook page that declared the misinformation was deleted soon after the hoax went viral.

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